Is Fishing Planet Cross-Platform? Find It Out!

Fishing Planet

The free-to-play fishing simulator, Fishing Planet, is already available on Steam and PlayStation 4, now allows cross-platform play on Xbox One and Windows 10. This means Fishing Planet does support cross play between Windows 10 and both consoles; Xbox One as well as PS4. About Fishing Planet Fishing Planet is a one-of-a-kind, extremely realistic online … Read more

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform? Find It Out Here!

I can bet you’ve never played anything like Gang Beasts before. Well, unless you are familiar with Human: Fall Flat. Gang Beasts is simply ridiculous and one of the most enjoyable games you’ll ever play with a group of friends. But is Gang Beasts cross-platform?  The official Twitter account for Gang Beasts posted an update … Read more

Is DayZ Cross-Platform? Find the Real Answer Here!

A violent-oriented virus fills the atmosphere with anarchy and chaos. You must stay healthy and protect your players against infected hostiles and zombie-like beings. Is DayZ really cross-platform? The developers launched this game with all the necessary details but failed to emphasize the exclusion of this feature. Like every other player, you crave to know … Read more

Is The Forest Cross-Platform? Find It Out!

Prepare your mind. You’re about to experience an intense adventure in the woods, where survival seems to be the prior case. It all starts with a blast, then mysteries upon mysteries. The Forest will have you wondering if life can be so profound as this in reality. The single and multiplayer modes are worth your … Read more

Is Neverwinter Cross-Platform? A Detailed Answer Along with Leveling Tips and Tricks

Is Neverwinter cross-platform? If you’re here in search of answers because you stumbled upon the game recently and are thinking of trying it on Xbox, or you’re an experienced Neverwinter player hoping to introduce a friend with PS4 to the game, you’re in the right place. This article will explore whether Neverwinter is cross-platform, alternatives, … Read more