Is Dark Souls 3 Cross-Platform? Get Your Answer Here!

Dark Souls poses a more interesting layout. It is one of those games you’d love to sit and play all day.

Released in 2016, this serves as the last series in the Mainline Souls entry. The fight became tougher. Yet, everyone expected something different. Not that the gameplay didn’t improve enough. But there were no cross-plays.

DS emerged from being a combat game to a series with super-combat tactics and strategies. This brings about that one question fans crave to know—Is Dark Souls 3 cross-platform?

The Real Picture — Is Dark Souls 3 Really Cross-Platform?

This game is four years old. And it has never presented a case whereby two players can interact on different platforms.

With this limitation, there’s a bit of dissatisfaction among fans worldwide. Many had imagined how fascinating it would have been if a cross-play patch were present.

The elegant scenes left players wondering if they could choose who to play with. As we all know, the experience would have been much different.

The fact is, Dark Souls 3 isn’t cross-platform. Although it looks like the feature was hiding somewhere, the game never included it in any of its entries.

Today, there are thousands of fans still digging to find out if they can have cross-plays. But it is only suitable to accept the fact that the game doesn’t accept this patch. The last entry got others whirling and lending their support for inclusion.

The Cause of Confusion Among DS3 Players

The Mainline Souls series has been on the radar for years. It became so popular that fans predicted features to be seen in the next series. One Youtube Channel leaked a video containing gameplay footages.

DS3 exists alongside its predecessors in a “Prepare to Die” Edition. And many players were in anticipation before the release date. What seems to be off the radar is the cross-play feature many thought would be present.

Before the release, there were chanting and controversial discussions all over the media. Many wondered why the game looks like it works on a multiplatform system. This is a series with a high taste of combat and player interaction.

As the final entry of Mainline Souls, it thrives on more combat and vicious bosses. The fight for survival became more intense, and tough decisions hung on the line.

Winning requires sacrifices. And in most cases, these sacrifices are mysterious and heart-wrenching. It takes the strong to fight for survival and the fittest to win against evil bosses.

You must have what it takes to defeat the vicious bosses who grew stronger and tougher by the daylight. Your job is to cook up a plan for this defeat. And as said earlier, tough decisions have to be made.

You may have to invite other players from the outside world to join you in combat. In some scenarios, characters are opportune to intrude on the different worlds and engage in several activities. Such co-op activities are prevalent in this series.

This leaves many confused about whether Dark Souls 3 is cross-platform or not. The joint forces and cognitive response in the gameplay are super active. And most times, this results in a win. How come this platform isn’t prioritizing cross-plays?

The collaborative efforts by players are apparent. And it is something no fan wants to let slide through.

The brains behind DS3 never included any detail on this aspect. Hence, it leaves many confused.

Ways In Which DS3 Appraise Cross-Plays

This entry gives a thrill of excitement and intensity. The displays are unique and fascinating. And it holds a personalized experience.

These are part of the reasons why it is in the interest of many fans. Players can storm each other’s world upon a request. When this happens, the combat becomes more difficult. But there’s always a bonus for every win.

So how does Dark Souls 3 appraise cross-platform?

Let’s start with the messages. This game creates features that allow players to scrabble a note and drop it in the display box. These notes then appear on the screen. When there’s a boss fight, others can throw in their ratings. And for a player to do such, it means there’s a good chance of winning.

During a fight, bloodstains often display on the ground level. This clearly shows that other players have met their end in that same spot.

In some cases, you may find warning messages telling you to avoid action or go on with it. It could either be jumping over a loophole or taking a particular turn. In the best times, these messages are helpful.

See it as it is; DS3 isn’t difficult when you play with others. That’s the beauty of the game. Summoning players or being summoned is a way to win a boss fight. And doing this isn’t that much of a hassle.

All you need to do is look for a sign. The signs are almost anywhere. But there are high-traffic regions where summoning is effective. For human players, bonfires are probably the best spots to drop their signs.

Why Fans Prefer Cross-Play Patch

Given all these features and thrills, gamers thought DS3 would do better with a cross-platform patch. The reason is simple.

The game revolves around summoning players or being summoned. Hence, it should accept all platforms.

Not having a cross-platform patch means only platform-specific players can engage with each other. There’s no way this would happen on a separate platform. So the limitation hits real hard.

Many players are sad and devastated over this. Not all gamers can play on the same platform. And, of course, there’s no fun without interaction.

A little spark ignited when Sony changed its policy towards cross-play. Yes, everyone was happy about the news. But it brought the DS3 saga back, with many lending their support for a cross-play.

Most players thought it would include a cross-play patch between PS4 and XB1. This could expand the player base. And for the most of it, the game experience will improve.

Will Dark Souls 3 Ever Become A Cross-platform Game?

After its release in 2016, DS3 became a global outburst. Everyone finds it enticing. And this results in people wanting to play it on PCs, XB1, and other consoles. But the signs are clear.

Dark Souls 3 will never include a cross-play patch. Although this sounds a bit negative, it is a fact we all have to accept.

It is no new thing that fans still query the absence of this feature. Fromsoftware and Bandai Namco have decided to keep this a private concern.

In 2018, some Reddit users decided to raise a petition to bring cross-play into the game. Unfortunately, the developers have made their call.

Following the PC reveal of Dark Souls (Remastered), there was a controversy. Bandai Namco stated that the planned discounts on this reveal were hanging on the line. Then a different spokesperson disclosed there was no confirmed estimate at hand.

But one thing is clear for certain. There won’t be any cross-play. During Namco’s interview at IGN, the cross-platform matter arose. Namco was quick to disregard the news that this feature will be present in the Remastered entry. And his statement seems pretty clear cut.

Fromsoftware and Bandai Namco have ventured into IP branding. It appears that DS3 was the last series in the Mainline Souls game. Everyone just has to see it as it is.

Yes, the news is devastating. Yet, the developers have their reasons for disregarding a cross-play patch.

Dark Souls Remastered Vs. The Original Game

As it is, some people are yet to try DS Remastered. Some have played just the original. So it is customary to question whether or not to go for the Prepared to Die Edition or the Remastered.

Bandai Namco had announced that Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition will be deleted off Steam soon. And this will coincide with the release of DA Remastered.

The 2018 release solved the PC release glaring issues. It provides fixes for bugs and serves as a put-together entry. No need to sugarcoat it— Remastered has the same mechanics.

Most improvements were mainly on the technicality. There are updated multiplayer features, new gameplay, and enhanced graphics. But the logic is the same.

The PC release entry works with dedicated servers and a stable connection. Unlike the original game, this supports up to six players. The overall gameplay has a balancing level and a stable fluid compared to the original.


Now, we both understand how the game works. No cross-plays. But the multiplayer system is ace.

It is possible to choose an accomplice. The absence of a cross-platform in Dark Souls 3 doesn’t mean you can’t get to choose who you summon. If you use XB1, your accomplice should also use XB1. The same thing applies to other consoles.

Mainline Souls has a reputable stand in this department. Since the release of the last entry, players have finally gotten over the cross-play issue. PC users can now get over glaring issues with the original game. All in all, there are more exciting features to look out for.