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Last Guide to Buying a Gaming Laptop You’ll Ever Need

This is the last guide to gaming laptop you'll ever need in 2021. If you're a gamer and looking to get your new gaming laptop, this is a go to

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The Complete Laptop Buying Guide You Need to Read Now

This is a complete laptop buying guide in 2021. So if you're thinking of buying a new laptop, you're on the right place.  We've done all the research to make

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The Only Guide You Need to Read Before Buying a Laptop For College

This is the ultimate student laptop buying guide you'll need to read. Whether you're into engineering, medical school, nursing school or business school, we've got it covered for you. This article

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a computer science student working on his laptop

The 7 Best Laptop For Computer Science Student: Here Are Our Favorites

Computer science is a general term and covers a wide range of fields from animation and CAD to AI and software development.Depending on what you’re studying, you need a decent

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a robotic engineer student using her laptop

7 Best Laptop For Engineering Students: Check Our Top Picks

As an engineering student, you’ll be doing a lot of schoolwork on your laptop. It is a multipurpose tool which will be used for pretty much everything- research, downloading school

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two nurses using laptop computer

7 Best Laptop For Nursing Student: Here Are Our Top Picks

If you’re a nursing school student in the United States, your school probably advises you to have a Wi-Fi capable laptop for classes.A lot of educational material is distributed digitally

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young medical student working on a laptop

7 Best Laptop For Medical School: Check Our Picks

For medical school, you don’t need a super fast laptop. Anything relatively new that is lightweight with good Wi-Fi, a decent screen, and good battery life will do.You’ll mostly use

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mechanical engineering student

The 7 Best Laptop For Mechanical Engineering Students to Buy

As an engineering student, you want to be equipped with the ideal laptop for college. Your lecturers will ask you to submit assignments online via the campus network and your

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MBA students working on their laptop

7 Best Laptop For MBA Students to Choose From

As a business and management student at college, you need a good laptop to keep yourself ahead of the game. Projects, shared files, photos, PDFs, charts, etc. can be viewed

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power consumption meter

How Much Power Does Your Laptop Consume?

Laptops are designed to use far less power than their immobile desktop counterparts, but as a result, they have to sacrifice some performance.For instance, the exact same processor could perform

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factory reset

How To Factory Reset A Lenovo Laptop?

If you’re using a Lenovo laptop (or any Windows laptop for that matter), a time may come when your computer doesn’t function the way it’s supposed. You might lose certain

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laptop with a screenshot

How To Take A Screenshot On An Acer Laptop?

Acer laptops are extremely popular and for a good reason. They offer excellent value for money to their customers, without compromising on things like after-sales service or build quality.Plus, they

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picture showing a screenshot on a laptop

How To Take A Screenshot On An Asus Laptop?

Asus is renowned primarily for its “ROG” and “Strix” series of gaming laptops, alongside the “ZenBook” series of ultrabooks that are designed to rival Apple’s MacBooks.Asus also makes desktop PC

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picture that shows a fan cooling a laptop

How To Cool Down A Laptop?

A lot of you reading this article probably worry about your laptop overheating while gaming or rendering a 3D scene in Blender/ 3ds Max. Either that or you’ve got a

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a technician cleaning dust out of laptop fan

How To Clean A Laptop Fan?

One of the telltale signs that your laptop’s fan is due for a thorough cleaning is when you notice the temperatures are spiking, but the amount of airflow coming out

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