FlatOut Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Flatout, or stylized as FlatOut, is a racing/demolition derby game that came from Bugbear Entertainment and was passed down to several developers over the years, and it was the thing that led to the lowest point of the series as their underrated gem became one of the worst racing games ever made and it shows … Read more

Top 11 Games With The Best Water Physics/Graphics

Water in games has always been a deciding factor whether the game is detailed or not, especially when you try to interact with it. With AAA titles being released yearly, only a few of them stands out at how they apply realism in aquatic areas with physics that simulate the motion in real life. Whether … Read more

Dirt Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Dirt, or its previous name Colin McRae: Dirt, or stylized as DiRT, is a rally racing game that was around since the PlayStation 1 era, but the series never took off until it moved into a newer generation of consoles. Often regarded as one of the most engaging racing games, Dirt has amassed a fanbase … Read more

Papa’s Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Papa’s Gameria is a series of flash games developed by Flipline Studios way back in 2004 and is a staple for everyone’s childhood. With its lore and gameplay catering to children, it’s easy to pick up and rekindle the games that came out from them. Sadly, Adobe Flash is disabled and unavailable for usage in … Read more

Metro Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Metro is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter and survival horror game made by 4A Games and is based on the titular series of novels written by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky in 2005. From the span of three games to the two remastered versions of the first two games, Metro has been regarded as one of the … Read more

UFC Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC, in short, has accumulated fourteen games under their radar and they have been always a hit or miss situation with it. UFC games have moved from the arcade brawling to simulation to imitate realistic action that the sport of Mixed Martial Arts can offer, and there is one thing … Read more

The 7 Best PS2 Controllers to Buy Right Now

So, you’re looking to play some Metal Gear Solid 2 on your old PS2 console that your mom purchased back when Blockbuster was still around. You wipe off the dust and hook up that ancient hunk of plastic to a modern 4K TV using an HDMI adapter. In goes the game disk, and you see … Read more

7 Best Gaming Headsets For Glasses Wearers: Our Top Recommendations!

As someone who wears glasses, I am familiar with the inconvenience of wearing a full-sized over-the-ear headset. This issue is of particular importance for gamers. Because we spend multiple hours in a stretch, wearing headsets that weigh nearly a pound. If you’re someone who wears corrective/ gaming glasses, you need to look for very specific … Read more

The 7 Best PS2 to HDMI Adapter For Smoother Gameplay Experience

A PS2 outputs video and audio through composite cables. This is a format that uses 3 connectors- one carries video (yellow) while the other two (red and white) carry stereo audio. If you purchase a modern television set, there’s a very low chance that it comes with composite inputs. The most popular interface today for … Read more

The Best TVs For PlayStation 2: Here Are Our Top 7 Picks!

I never owned a console in my childhood since I have been a PC gamer from the beginning. But consoles from that era (early to mid-2000s) had a massive library of exclusive games that you just couldn’t play on PC. And one of the best consoles for playing exclusive titles was Sony’s PS2, which is … Read more

Enlisted Review: Is This Game Any Good?

Enlisted is the latest game from Gaijin Entertainment, famously known for developing War Thunder. It’s a realistic WW2 infantry simulator with gameplay similar to old-school battlefield titles. You really get the feeling that you’re in a historical conflict where every life matters and every bullet counts.  But why should you play Enlisted if you’re already … Read more

The Best Soundbars for Gaming on PS5: Check Our Picks!

The PlayStation 5 has been designed for maximum performance, graphics, and speed. Not only that, Sony also considered giving gamers an immersive experience pretty well. The PS5 by itself is already a magnificent console that can really bring the games it plays to life. When it comes to visuals, a PS5 paired with a nice … Read more

The Best Motherboard For i5 6600K Gaming: Check Our Top Picks!

The Intel Core i5-6600k is a true workhorse and has been serving mid-range gamers exceptionally well since late 2015 (back when Skylake initially launched). Back then, all you needed was 4 cores for gaming. Even hyperthreading wasn’t deemed necessary, which is why the i5 could be found in so many expensive builds featuring GTX 1070s … Read more

The Best AM3+ CPU For Gaming: Find Our Top 7 Choices!

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend an AM3+ CPU for gaming in the current year. However, I understand that there is a group of people out there who simply don’t have any other option. Whether it be budget-related or a matter of not needing anything better, certain users simply choose to stick with this ancient socket for … Read more

The Best Gaming Router For PS4: Our Top 7 Picks!

Gamers will tell you it’s never their fault when they die in an online match, that it was either the lag or terrible teammates. Well, there is some truth to the former claim- lag is a serious issue. Especially if you’re gaming on Wi-Fi with multiple members of your household using the same router as … Read more

The 7 Best Xeon Processors For Gaming: Check Our Recommendations!

Xeons are generally not my first choice when it comes to gaming. Particularly because they don’t offer any single-core performance benefit over regular consumer processors such as the Intel Core series or AMD Ryzen series. Xeons are server chips, designed around efficiency and stability. Hence, they usually lack features you’d commonly find on mainstream desktop … Read more

Best Gaming Mouse Under $20: Here Are Our Top 7 Choices!

Of all the peripherals you can purchase for your gaming computer, nothing will provide more value than a gaming mouse. Yes, you can keep using some cheap 5$ dollar office mouse made by a Chinese company you never heard of. But once you get your hands on a decent mouse you’ll never go back to … Read more

Tropico Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Tropico is a game series that every strategy enthusiast must play at least once in their lives. Especially if you like parodies of global superpowers and tongue-in-cheek references to issues caused by modern politics. In the original Tropico, you play “El Presidente” who is the leader of a small Caribbean island nation. Democracy in name … Read more