Is It Bad To Close A Laptop Without Shutting It Down?

a lady closing her laptop's lid

You just purchased your first laptop, and you have a bunch of stuff planned ahead. Games, movies, documents, work, studies- your laptop is a portable computer that you can take anywhere with you. It has its own built-in display and keyboard along with a trackpad so you can do everything you do on a desktop. … Read more

Can My Laptop Output 4K Signal?

4K Ultra HD logo

Let’s clear out some misconceptions- your laptop doesn’t need to have a 4k screen in order to output 4k. The screen of your laptop may be 768p or 1080p, but the display adapter or graphics card is capable of outputting much higher resolutions. Even low-end graphics cards from nearly a decade ago can output in … Read more

How To Play Xbox On Laptop?

picture of a Xbox gaming console

The Xbox Series X has a ton of raw muscle thanks to its new 7nm AMD APU which packs 8 Zen 2 CPU cores alongside a 52CU RDNA 2 GPU. On top of that, it has a really fast custom SSD system for blazing fast loading times and quick resume. However, finding this console in … Read more

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4?

someone playing PS4 on his/her laptop

As a gamer, it’s impossible to stay away from the hype surrounding the new generation of consoles (PS5 and Series X). Their brand new processors are at least 4 times faster than previous-gen hardware. On top of that, they have really fast solid-state storage and raytracing capabilities. However, with limited stocks and a lack of … Read more

How To Connect Switch To Laptop?

picture of a Nintendo Switch

If you own a gaming PC, you already have access to 99 percent of games that are also on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Sure, there are some PS exclusives like God of War and Spiderman which aren’t slated for release on PC. Recently, a few popular exclusives like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero … Read more