Commandos Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Commandos was created by Spanish-based developer Pyro Studios and published by Eidos Interactive in its heyday. A real-time tactics video game series loosely based on historical events during the World War II era. Following the adventures of a fictional British Commandos unit, the game was known for its sabotage, stealth and guerilla combat gameplay. The … Read more

Crysis Games Ranked From Worst to Best

While the first-person shooter genre has been done to death, there are still games that show up every now and again to put a fresh spin on it. The Crysis franchise developed by a German team had the player don a “Nanosuit” which enhanced physical abilities and allowed for cloaking options to add some interesting … Read more

Avernum Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Avernum is a remake of the Exile series created by Jeff Vogel. Based on graphics alone, these games may be largely ignored by modern gamers, but was known for its gameplay mechanics and deep storytelling. That being said, the Second Trilogy did introduce a newer game engine and expanded on the story. Taking place in … Read more

AGEod Games Ranked From Worst to Best

AGEod is a company specializing in the development and publishing of PC games. The acronym used stands for Adaptive Game Engine, which is the proprietary game engine used in the development of their games, while the “od” part stands for online distribution. Founded by Philippe Thibault (designer of the Pax Romana board game) and Philippe … Read more

Infinity Engine Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Infinity Engine is a game engine originally developed by BioWare to create isometric role-playing games. It was initially developed for a prototype real time strategy game called Battleground Infinity, which eventually became the first chapter of Baldur’s Gate. Licensing the use of the Infinity Engine to Black Isle Studios, BioWare also used it in the … Read more

Growlanser Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Growlanser is a tactical role-playing game native to the PlayStation. Developed by Career Soft, it is the spiritual successor to their Langrisser series. Co-owned by Sega and Atlus, it is one of the most successful franchises in the genre. As in the Final Fantasy series, all titles feature character art by the same artist, namely … Read more

Stronghold Games Ranked From Worst to Best

A real-time strategy game taking place in a historical setting, Stronghold focuses on military conquests with elements of infrastructure and economic development. Campaigns focus on these elements and are at the player’s discretion. The first game in the series takes place around 1066 in medieval Britain and there is no time limit on the scenarios … Read more

SNES Golf Games Ranked From Worst to Best

While the game of golf is considered a rich man’s sport and with good reason, numerous games have been released on multiple consoles. Taking into account all the money that must be spent before one even sets foot on a golf course is a frightening prospect indeed. Fortunately, video games have evolved sufficiently where at … Read more

PS2 Gundam Games Ranked From Worst to Best

A mecha-oriented franchise that has spawned over 80 video games since its release in 1979, Gundam has solidified the image of giant robot battles in the imagination of society. The game already had a cult following in Japan and when it reached western shores, there were very few who weren’t won over. Gundam has successfully … Read more

Lost In Blue Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Survival games are quite rare nowadays, of course I am not including the Resident Evil series which dominates the survival-horror sub-genre, but back in 1999 Konami released a game called Survival Kids, where the player has to survive on an island with nothing but their wits. At that point it was something quite refreshing, when … Read more

Sly Cooper Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Considering the sheer number of platformers released over the last two decades, Sly Cooper sets itself apart with its unique art style, story and gameplay elements. Although it had a younger target audience, the game’s darker elements brought a refreshing change of pace to an oversaturated market dealing in sunshine and rainbows. This made it … Read more

Disgaea Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Disgaea sets itself apart as a turn-based role-playing video game series by allowing a maximum level of 9999, the standard is usually 99, and complex gameplay mechanics. The endearing chibi-style visuals have also improved over the years as the successive sequels were released. Recommended Readings: Fable Games Ranked From Worst to Best PS2 Gundam Games … Read more