Oxygen Not Included: How To Catch Puft?

A Puft is a type of flying Critter that cannot be wrangled the typical way. Depending on the gas they consume, they produce different resources.

Regular Pufts and Prince Pufts breathe in Polluted Oxygen and produce Slime, the difference between them being the Décor bonus the Prince Puft gives.

A Dense Puft consumes Oxygen and produces Oxylite, a rare resource that produces oxygen for a few cycles. Finally, the Squeaky Puft consumes Chlorine gas and will produce Bleach Stones that can be used to refill hand sanitizers or for farming Waterweed.

Capturing them, however, can be tricky. These Critters cannot be wrangled, unlike other Critters.

The best way to capture them would be to build a Critter Drop-Off. Though this building does not require a stable to be built, it is wise to make sure a stable is available to ensure proper ranching, especially when it comes to Pufts.

To make sure the resources these Critters output is in solid form, the Pufts’ enclosure must have liquid on the floor.

The wisest choice would be to build a small pool where their drops will fall. It is important to make sure to sort their eggs as well.

If there are eggs in the room, Critters will not lay any more eggs. It is also a safe way to guarantee the possible reproduction of Pufts since they stop producing resources once they reach a certain age.

After building the Critter Drop-Off, make sure it is set to Auto-Wrangle and the limit is set at its lowest possible. This allows all Duplicants with the Ranching skill to capture all Critters.

Considering the Critter Drop-Off must be placed inside the room in which the Pufts will be staying, it is important to be careful since this machine must be kept completely dry.

If any liquid touches the Critter Drop-Off it will be labelled as “flooded” and will stop working, no matter the amount of liquid. So, it is important to keep a level of caution with this machine.

If all else fails, which is highly unlikely, there is always the Airborne Critter Bait machine.

This, however, only attracts Critters to where it is placed and requires bait which differs depending on the type of Critter, in this case, it would be either Slime, Oxylite or Bleach Stone depending on which Puft must be captured.

Once the Critter is where it needs to be, close off the room. This is not the most efficient way to capture Critters but if all else fails, improvisation is our best choice.