15 Best PSP Anime Games of All Time

Successful anime series not only enjoy high ratings and critical acclaim but can also receive a catalog of spin-offs, movies, merchandise, and videogames. For this reason, Playstation has created a massive catalog of anime video games for their consoles. The list below focuses on the handheld Playstation Portable and fifteen of its most popular games … Read more

15 Best PSP Racing Games of All Time

High performance dream cars, thrilling races, petal to metal police chases are the trademarks for almost any good racing game. You can experience all of those and more car enthusiastic fun with this list of fifteen, highly rated racing games for the Playstation Portable. 1. MotorStorm Arctic Edge Developer SCEA Release Date September 29, 2009 … Read more

15 Best PSP Fighting Games of All Time

The fighting game genre has always been one of the most popular genres in the videogame industry and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. It’s no surprise that the Playstation Portable offers a large library of fighting games. Take a look below at some of the best fighting games on the platform and … Read more

15 Best PSP Strategy Games of All Time

The popularity of the strategy genre, whether its real-time or turn-based, has been on the decline in recent years as other genres prove to be more desirable to the mainstream audience. But, that most definitely does not mean that there aren’t any great strategy games out there to be enjoyed. The PlayStation Portable has always … Read more

10 Best Japan Exclusive PSP Games of All Time

When we get international ports of Japanese games, the localization department has to do a lot of work in order to retain the game’s intended tone and feel. Translating the dialogue and menu/ UI options into multiple languages is a hard enough task. Then on top of all that, you have to look at cultural … Read more