Is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Cross-Platform? Get Your Answer Here!

First-person shooter games are glorious. Here and there, bullets are spilling, and you’re always aiming for the ops. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is one magnificent first-person shooting video game.

Fight Royale games are taking over for real. No doubt, PUBG and Fortnite are great, and they both have gathered a solid player base. But let’s face the fact—Call of Duty is on fire too.

With many cut scenes that lead to backstories of specialists, it is difficult to get over this game. This has left many fans wondering—is Black Ops 4 Cross-platform?

The fifth and last entry in the Call of Duty series holds actionable scenes from the mercenary. And fans can’t help because they only meet players with the same game consoles as themselves.

The Real Picture — Is Black Ops 4 Really Cross-platform?

It is time we face the fact as to why this issue is emerging. With new features, specialists, and play modes in this game, catching a body is no new thing. And it sure would be fun to slay the enemies with family.

Looking at the processors of this entry, we can tell that Treyarch decided not to include cross-play in this game. It isn’t the only game missing out on the fun. Titanfall 2 doesn’t support this patch either. But with the whirling and chanting of fans, the developers created a platform where all Titans can interact.

As of now, Black Ops 4 isn’t a cross-platform game. Many fans wish it was. The game would certainly not remain the same if there was a patch for this. And, of course, it would peel off some parts of both Fortnite and PUBG player base.

While most fans think that there should be a cross-play, a few others disagree with the idea. This has sprinkled many controversial topics as some fans think PC users are more favorable. Other opinions have also been laid down. But on a real note, it is better to understand the game and focus on what’s included—not what’s extracted.

How Cross-plays Could Impact Black Ops 4

Playing a first-person shooting video game is a whole vibe on its own. With this new entry focusing on multiplayer systems, the thrill is out of this world. And fans will crave to partner or face off with close peers.

Unlike other cross-platform games, Black Ops 4 focuses on a solo platform. It is platform-specific. In other words, you can only play with a partner on the same game console. And when you select a team online, the game assigns players with the same platform.

Cross-plays could help change the game. There could be a little more spark ignited when you know your partner in person. But as said earlier, this only happens on the same platform.

Cross-plays create the thrill that fans desire in a multiplayer game. If you use PS4 and would like to play with a friend, he/she needs one too. The same thing applies to Xbox and other supported platforms.

And for the most part, buying Xbox just because you want to play Black Ops 4 with a friend is devastating. But it happens.

As it is, we need to focus on what we have.

Will Black Ops 4 Ever Support Cross-platform?

The deed has been done. And Black Ops 4 is never going to be a cross-platform game. No Call of Duty title has ever supported this patch. But the atmosphere is changing the mindsets of some fellows already. And the community is calling for a cross-play.

We should all take note of Black Ops IV. No one knows whether this could be a breakthrough for the player base. But this entry will likely include a cross-play patch. Still, no one is certain about it.

The GamePlay

Black Ops 4 brings a twist to the plot. The atmosphere is intense, and new specialists are added to the game.

Depending on the player mode, cut scenes flashback to the backstories of each character. You either choose to play a lead role, support, defensive, or offensive.

This entry features three-player modes: Multiplayer, Blackout, and Royale modes. And each comes with a storyline that reflects more on players’ personalities.

This brings six existing characters (Battery, Ruin, Nomad, Seraph, Firebreak) and four new specialists (Ajax, Recon, Torque, Crash). The gameplay features just two specialists per team. And there’s a bit of tweaking in the weaponry and equipment division.

Weapon customization is now super active. Players can engage in deeper designations of arsenals. And there’s an operator mod that changes how a particular weapon works.

Health auto regeneration is no longer available. The game uses a manual healing system. You’ll also find Headquarters and a solo mode skill-based tutorial that unlock the backstories of each specialist.

All these add up to give a fascinating and lively multiplayer game. And cross-plays could help set the path right for old-time players who have mastered every part of the game.

Sony Hints on The Issue

Sony doesn’t support cross-plays for Playstation 4. According to the CEO, PS4 won’t include any cross-play games. Further emphasizing the issue, Kenichiro Yoshida revealed that there are no plans for the implementations yet. And there won’t be any in the nearest future.

Many fans agree with the exclusion of this feature. And the company thinks it is in the best interest of the gaming industry. Kenichiro tagged Playstation 4 as the best game community.

Some fans, however, believe that cross-play could benefit the game so much. Since the focus is on multiplayer mode, playing with close peers could be more fun.

Activision received several reports on their table, demanding that cross-play be included. However, the company has made its call. And it is final.

It appears that some fans are still missing out on the significant play. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 released a bombshell alongside an improved Al-controlled display. The gameplay also had zombies flooding everywhere. And the company fulfilled its promise by offering quality graphics with low latency.

If Black Ops 4 considers a cross-platform patch, it may focus on Xbox and PCs only.

A Discussion with Jonathan Moses, Black Ops 4 Senior Producer

This aspect focuses on the interview between Moses and Windowscentral. Luckily, the discussions touch some thin line corners. And confidential information was made known to the public.

Speaking at the interview is Jonathan Moses, senior Producer and Programmer, and Philippe Troie, PC Lead Programmer for Black Ops 4. Both individuals discussed critical concerns of fans, including the cross-play saga.

Here are some questions both individuals gave answers to:

For Troie—Are There Any Differences Between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version of Black Ops 4?

Troie disclosed the major concerns the producers had when creating this game. The company wants to extract every gigaflop from your hardware. More so, its primary aim is to run 60 FPS (Frame Per Second) on a 4k monitor and a competitive setup at E3.

The beauty of this invention lies in the opinions of the fans. Their feedback determines what’s best for the game.

Black Ops 4 includes a high frame rate with low latency and enhanced fidelity visuals. The game works with any type of GPU. Game consoles work perfectly well with the TV. For PCs, it is a rough combination of hardware. In all, the game needs to adapt to what you have.

For Moses—Is Treyarch Considering Cross-plays for The future of COD?

According to Moses, it’s something the team has sat and discussed at the studio. But due to the complicating factors, there is no announcement yet.

The inclusion of this feature for Call of Duty is likely to come with adverse effects. And it wouldn’t be fun to see some platforms perform better than others. If this happens, the competitive settings will have multiple problems to deal with.

In this case, it would help best to consider how this would change competitive multiplayer.

Is There Any Call of Duty Series With Cross-plays?

The fun just never stops. Treyarch has decided to include cross-play for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War.

These two entries will enable players to interact and partner on different platforms. It is more like an alternative for cross-play lovers. And the gameplay is just as similar to the others.

Both series are available on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. Aside from supporting cross-plays, these entries also help with progressing and leveling.

That said, you don’t have to restart gameplay on another platform. Once you use the cross-save feature, you’re good to go.

Fans with the urge for cross-plays can take up the challenges in these sub-release games. Black Ops Cold War, in particular, supports next-gen consoles. Its player base extends to Xbox Series and PlayStation 5.

This is more like an alternative for those who want to expand into other communities. Once again, Black Ops 4 doesn’t support cross-platform play. It struck out the single campaign mode and focused on the multiplayer/blackout/royale mode.

This doesn’t change the fact that the gameplay experience is ace. Why wait when you can start slaying some enemies right away?