Is DayZ Cross-Platform? Find the Real Answer Here!

A violent-oriented virus fills the atmosphere with anarchy and chaos. You must stay healthy and protect your players against infected hostiles and zombie-like beings.

Is DayZ really cross-platform? The developers launched this game with all the necessary details but failed to emphasize the exclusion of this feature.

Like every other player, you crave to know if you can connect with someone outside your platform. Good thing for you because the answer is right here.

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Is DayZ Really Cross-platform?

DayZ isn’t cross-platform. The company excluded this patch for critical reasons. Some fans are still in shock, while others are ignorant of this exclusion. But it is what it is.

So many controversial topics surround this exclusion. Fans aren’t happy, as it looks like a heavy blow on the face. But the fact remains intact. DayZ’s designers have no plan for this patch.

Designed by Bohemia Interactive, this survival game is a top choice for gamers worldwide. Communication is prior and explicit. And to my knowledge, it includes a feature that enables players to whisper without anyone hearing.

The multiplayer mode has everything you need. There’s an inventory, vivid maps, weapons, clothes, and so much more.

As said earlier, there are tangible reasons for excluding cross-play. Most survival games are based on cross-stage settings. Nowadays, almost all gamers prefer having a cross-play highlight.

DayZ has an intriguing architecture client-server. The engine yields quality performance. And so far, fans are enjoying every gameplay.

Despite rejecting this patch, DayZ multiplayer mode is ace. New gamers are embracing its gameplay by the daylight. It has every resource needed to scale through the eruption.

The Gameplay

DayZ’s multiplayer system is pure ace. It just doesn’t seem complete without a cross-play. Still, the thrills and experiences are out of this world. And players know what they have to do to stay alive.

The in-game world is violent, harmful, and infected with a zombie-like virus. As a player, you must avoid contracting the virus by all means, even if it involves killing the Ops. You must also feed on leftovers and scavenge for resources.

Several scenes will feature you alongside other players. The truth is, everyone is in this together. Thus, unity is essential.

The game begins with just plain wear, a glow stick, and four rags. You must seek other resources either by visiting villages, homes, and barns. While fighting for survival, you must protect your health and the well-being of the surrounding people.

Surveying the massive 225km2 landscape of the fictional Soviet Republic of Chernarus, you must survive by all means necessary. Survival is key—even if it involves invading the enemies for food and supplies.

DayZ should have been cross-platform. It includes a voice chat for players to communicate efficiently. The fun part is, you can whisper something to your partner without anyone hearing or the radio picking up your words.

Interaction is necessary, and the designers have installed everything you need. The features allow players to build settlements for storing essential items, including medical resources, weapons, and minor supplies.

The reason for striking out cross-plays is evident to a few gamers. It appears that the early access release of the game focused on improving the developer engine. And excluding a cross-play patch reduces the risk of system attacks and penetration.

Still, fans across the globe wonder why DayZ isn’t cross-platform. The public anticipated this feature without a single doubt.

As we speak, nobody has gotten a positive response concerning this patch. Let’s hope the developers make up for this.

Where Can I Play DayZ?

Bohemia Interactive did a little grumbling with the release date of DayZ. While everyone anticipated its release, the company launched early access to in-game developers only. No one expected this.

DayZ’s first arrival was on PC in 2018. A few months later, it extended to Xbox and PS4 users in 2019. And so far, the gameplay has been entertaining.

Now, it extends to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series, and Xbox One. But the developers knock off the idea of coming together as one community.

On a brighter note, playing with next-gen consoles is possible. And Bohemia has no problem with that.

Xbox One and Xbox Series gamers can connect to a single play. And if you use PS4 and want to play alongside a friend that uses PS5, nothing stops you from starting the game right away.

In 2017, Bohemia Interactive closed the chapter on Mini Dayz, which is popular among iOS, Android, and Browsers. The 2D interface is incomparable, not to mention the artistry pattern.

Albeit, the plot remains the same. Nothing changes. You must defend and protect yourself against infected persons. That’s what the standalone version brings to the table.

Can Xbox and PC Users Connect to A Single Game?

Sadly, this is impossible. DayZ doesn’t have cross-play for both communities. Sounds strange, right? Microsoft owns both Xbox and PC. Including this modern patch should be mandatory.

Well, it isn’t. If you’re gaming on PC and want to partner with others, it must be done on PC too.

Also, you can’t use the same account on a different platform. Switching consoles will have you starting from the beginning.

The gaming community would have to live without this feature, as the designers have made their decision. Xbox and PC are similar, but they don’t come as one.

Is DayZ Cross-platform Between Xbox and PS4?

Sadly, it isn’t. PlayStation and Xbox users are on separate paths. There’s no way coming as one for this gameplay could happen.

A fan tweets at DayZ, requesting a cross-play between Xbox and PS4 so that the community can embrace each other. But Bohemia Interactive stands on its “no-cross-plays” policy. Their response remains the same. See tweets here.

Merging servers between various platforms is a complex task. It requires enormous resources. And in today’s gaming world, it’s more like an issue for most developers.

We’ve all seen popular games crash due to frequent attacks from a cross-stage device. Today, many fans believe PC users have the upper hand for first-person shooter games. The absence of this patch helps to avoid such controversies.

If you wish to invite others into gameplay, ensure you both come from one community. Luckily enough, DayZ doesn’t have a problem with cross-gen gameplay. You can partner with other survivors on Xbox Series and PlayStation, provided that you connect the game using the same next-gen consoles.

This is excellent news, as Bohemia has decided to strike out the most crucial feature of modern survival games. So far, the engine and technical support have been top-notch. And the exclusion of cross-plays contributes solely to the performance of this game.

The Future of Dayz

In April 2020, DayZ, alongside Studio Leads, agreed to shut down its studio in Bratislava. It was a tough decision to make, but the company gathered the courage to do this.

The public was in disarray, with most fans wondering what’s next for the game. Bohemia Interactive isn’t folding up anytime soon.

The joint decision to shut down DayZ Studio at Bratislava is a beneficial step for both the developers and the gaming community. Bohemia disclosed that updates would keep coming. And this time, there will be no technical flaws.

As we all know, every game is vulnerable to system attacks. The success of a game and its relevance are two separate tasks. And frequent updates and fixes are most advisable.

DayZ plans on fixing bugs and errors for subsequent updates. The future development is unquestionable. And the company isn’t closing down anytime soon — not even in the future.

As for the cross-stage inclusion, expect nothing from the developers. DayZ isn’t cross-platform, and it has never been one. It’s high time fans focused on the thrills and gaming experience.

DayZ 2021 Roadmap

Once again, DayZ is breaking out of the box. The wretched zombie apocalypse is back with style and intense action. Bohemia Interactive made some pretty cool changes for its recent update.

A brand new SVAL rifle was included in the last update. You can tell from its performance that more firearms will be mandatory in the next update.

Unlike before, there is no steady news about the release date. The developers are more focused on exposing new features.

No doubt, the next gameplay will focus on AI-infected reactions and the game environment. There’ll be more PVP encounters resulting in an unconscious state instead of instant death. So expect a different type of environmental threat.


DayZ’s next update will bring lots of new features to the table. But as it is, the developers disregard cross-platform play.

Yes, it runs on multiplayer platforms. And the gameplay highly depends on players’ interaction. There still won’t be any support across separate platforms.