Is The Forest Cross-Platform? Find It Out!

Prepare your mind. You’re about to experience an intense adventure in the woods, where survival seems to be the prior case. It all starts with a blast, then mysteries upon mysteries.

The Forest will have you wondering if life can be so profound as this in reality. The single and multiplayer modes are worth your recreational time. And you get two types of endings.

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Is The Forest really cross-platform? The thrills and suspense will leave you wondering if it is possible to play with random friends. Good thing for you. What you seek is right here as I speak—under this section.

Is The Forest Really Cross-platform?

Plain and simple, The Forest has no cross-plays. The developers never included an authority explanation alongside its launching. And there are no talks about it.

Today, many fans wonder why the company decides to exclude such a patch when modern games adopt it.

The Forest features a crazy adventure in the woods with no direct motive. In this game, expectations are uncertain. At one point, survival seems like the best option. Yet, there’s a lot of mysteries to unlock.

Endnight launched this game far back in November 2018, and it was a triumphant outburst. Here, you play the role of Eric LeBlanc, a plane accident survivor with intentions of finding Timmy—his kidnapped son.

There’s a guide with valuable tactics and a map. You need a base, weaponry, traps, and animals for meals. You also need to defend yourself against mutants and aggressive species in town and below ground level.

As fascinating as this is, the designers pose zero interest for a cross-stage. You can’t find any design for this patch. All eyes remain fixed on the sequel. Fans hope it’ll include a cross-play highlight. Will Sons of The Forest embrace this feature?

The Gameplay

Who would have thought that gameplay as intriguing as this will exclude a cross-play patch? The storyline holds twisted plots that involve drenching decisions. Most of all, playing with friends gives an incomparable thrill.

The storyline kicks off with an airplane crash involving Eric and his son. Lying disoriented on the floor, Eric observes a stranger covered in what seemed like red paint whisk his son away. In search of his bloodline, he noticed that the woods hosts lots of cannibalistic creatures.

Along the line, he uncovers significant clues to find his son lies in the deepest cave where dangerous creatures live.

Eric uses his player book, map, and tactics to scale through. He then notices an old research lab possessed by a popular figure running experiments with creatures.

The research company, however, focuses on reviving the dead. Cross is the founder, as well as the man Eric observed whisking his son away. His little girl Megan is dead, and Timmy is the bait for a proposed sacrifice with the Resurrection Obelisk.

Finally, he spots the Obelisk and Timmy lying lifeless. Timmy had been murdered in a quest to revive Megan.

The Forest comes with an optional ending. Players have the ball in their hands to either revive Timmy or shut the Obelisk.

The Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer mode includes a cooperative game mode—no deathmatch. Players fight intensely, following some set of rules.

It is filled with thrill, suspense, action, and critical thinking. The storyline is super intriguing. Plus, the mysteries yet to be unlocked are overwhelming.

With the P2P version, playing alongside seven other players is possible. You can add more to the list, though. But you need to run a dedicated server.

The PS4 version features just four players. According to Endnight, more inclusions could lead to performance issues.

Amid all scenarios, the multiplayer mode is ace. And players wish they could choose their characters irrespective of their game consoles.

Endnight Games leaves fans with many unsolved puzzles. When releasing the game, it included no authority details. It’s up to the fans to answer if the cannibalistic hostiles are very much of a threat. This leaves players wondering if there’s hope for a patch inclusion.

Why There Is No Cross-play for The Forest

This is a seasoned game still yet to be discovered by many gamers. You either play in a solo mode or vice versa. The multiplayer mode will have you fighting with other aggressive humans (in the form of other players) who want your position more than anything in life. A partnership is also acceptable.

So imagine taking turns with a friend, partner, or colleague at work. How intriguing?

This game has no cross-play according to the following reasons:

  • The Forest is fascinating with zero issues. Including this patch may cause a flaw somewhere. The resources and timeframe needed are unaffordable and way out of the company’s to-do list. It’ll only impose some setbacks.
  • Secondly, this game doesn’t include any cross-save feature. When you play on one platform, your gameplay continues there. Launching The Forest from another device will only take you back to the plane crash saga.

Play With Peers on The Same Console

How does it feel to play The Forest with someone you know? Many fans crave this experience, while some jump right into the action.

This survival game focused on the solo mode. But as time went on, fans demanded something more exciting. And the developers had no choice but to adhere to their whispers.

The Forest isn’t cross-platform. But playing with peers using the same console is possible. Both you and your partner get to launch the game, survive the plane crash, and fight side-by-side. You can even share a safe/sleeping spot.

The gameplay includes an inventory tray mostly valid for crafted items. It is passable. And your friend will need it too.

Both of you have to fight for survival while attempting to rescue the missing boy. The host is keen on saving his son, and the other players lose everything if he doesn’t comply with this goal.

The fun part is, the gameplay revives a player or respawn at the plane when killed by mutants. If you play the single-player mode a lot, you should know that the inventory tray is at the back of the plane. It’s easy to miss.

In all, playing with friends is only possible on the same console. The experience is different and enticing. I played The Forest with a friend for three hours, and it only felt like an hour.

Is There A Cross-patch for Xbox and PC?

Many gamers have asked this question before you. Short and direct—no cross plays.

Two players can decide to feature on a single game but find it impossible because of their separate consoles. It happens. The only thing you can do is run separate accounts for each console.

Thanks to Steam Play. Gaming will be more accessible in the future.

Can You Play Between Xbox and PS4?

Microsoft and Sony recently launched their next-gen console. However, the news is the same. There are no cross-plays for PS4.

In other words, most Sony creations are platform-specific. They are only accessible on one console. Cross-saving a game is unacceptable. So long as this policy remains active, you can’t use one account on a separate console.

Think of it—both PSN and Xbox come with a different ecosystem—incomparable ones. Sharing gameplay between both platforms is impossible.

Can I Cross-play Between PC and PS4?

No. Sony stands by its policy. It disregards cross-plays for most of its games. This isn’t the first refusal case. The company had struck out such opportunities in the past. And to be clear, there are tangible reasons for this exclusion.

The gaming world is full of cheats and reformed favoritism. There could also be system attacks if cross-platform is present.

This game, in particular, doesn’t support a cross-save feature anyway. So what’s the use?

What You Need to Know

When it comes to platforms with no cross-play, there are specific things you need to know. To avoid technical difficulties, you must always take note of the following factors:

  • Each gameplay is unique. Let’s put graphics aside. Every console has exclusive titles that seem useless outside its host. Supposing this game supports cross-plays, it will require a controller input.
  • Playing outside your device will have you crawling back to the beginning. There are no cross-save features. And your progress is only valid on the same device you started playing with. Until The Forest includes a cross-play patch, fans will only be suitable to play on one device.
  • You can’t get a Linux or Mac version for this game. Unity doesn’t support that without third-party libraries. This development will require more effort, strategy, and implementation that The Forest finds challenging. Additional work by Valve is also necessary for this development.


The designers of this game, upon its release, disclosed that a sequel is on the way. Thankfully, Sons of The Forest features a cross-stage highlight, which is an advantage for fans.

In the meantime, how intriguing do you find The Forest? What are your favorite gameplay experiences? Do you appreciate the multiplayer mode? Tell us what you think.