Is For Honor Cross-Platform? Get Your Answer Here!

Tighten your seatbelt, and let’s time travel to the ancient world, where kings fight kings. Warriors battle for survival. And regions turn against each other.

If you’re a history geek, For Honor is one game you should play. It draws you back to the old adventures. The gameplay is ace.

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Gaining popularity and an increased player base, many thought it would to nice to play this game with friends. Most players are left with the question — Is For Honor cross-platform?

Ubisoft, the developers of this game, gave fans the thrill they desired a long time ago. The intensity and emotional drill are out of this world.

Is For Honor Really Cross-Platform?

While others enjoy the gameplay, many are upset over the striking out of cross-plays. Some fans complain they are already familiar with the gameplay. Hence, they need a little more spark.

Fortunately, For Honor has a multiplayer feature. It supports several platforms, thereby appraising fierce battles. Sadly, it doesn’t support cross-plays.

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This leaves many fans wondering if it could come up in the future. But the developers have given no signs yet.

As said earlier, this game supports several game consoles, including Xbox, Play Stations, and PCs. However, there’s no plan for a cross-play patch at the moment.

How Cross-plays Could Impact For Honor

The beauty of this game lies in its mysterious plot against each other. The Warlord aims to turn all regions against each other with torture and suppression.

Warlord Apollyon senses weakness in the people of the Knights, Vikings, and Samurais. As a result, she made a plot twist and executed fearful plans.

Apollyon endangered the Vikings, leaving them with nothing—maybe a little food and supply. But these weren’t enough.

The Vikings knew they had limited supplies. And some had to show disloyalty just to survive. The fight for supplies became intense as the resources at hand couldn’t reach everyone.

Apollyon then used the same tactics on Blackstone Legion. After a series of internal battles for justice to prevail, there was a plot twist. And the Warden became a Knight of the Legion under Apollyon.

Not long enough, he realized Apollyon was just a selfish ruler who is only concerned about personal interests.

The plot went on and on, spreading through other regions, including the Samurais. And warriors fought against each other for victory.

With this story, one is allowed to choose a player from a particular faction. Depending on your preferred characters, the skill sets and fighting tactics vary. But one thing is for certain—the atmosphere is always intense.

With this gameplay, players can get the thrill and adventure they long seek to experience. The whole game is historical. Plus, the fights are super challenging.

As it is, not all fans can access this game. Every gameplay has to be platform-specific. And with these thrills and features, there could be a spike in the player base.

For Honor has no cross-platform patch. But it could be a lot more enticing if it had one installed. Who knows? Ubisoft may adhere to the people’s cry someday.

Excluding cross-plays from a game is nothing new. Other games like Titanfall 2 and Black Ops 4 are yet to include this feature. It isn’t a day job. And specific requirements are needed.

Can Xbox Play With PS4?

Not all fans are exposed to the reality at hand. Some still believe that this game deserves a much better gameplay experience. And this cross-play saga justifies their assumptions.

For Honor rejects cross-plays for this entry. Xbox players can’t team up with the PS4 fan base.

This doesn’t contradict the fact that the game is available on both consoles. You can enjoy exciting gameplay on Xbox as well as PS4. But the play has to be platform-specific. Simply put, you must settle with just one console.

Can I Cross-save on For Honor?

What is a cross-save feature? This is a game function that allows you to save progress and continue on a different console. And yes, For Honor supports it.

But don’t get it all wrong. Players can only save progress on a generational console.

Say you began the gameplay with extreme excitement on your PS4. You’ve fought and bruised and killed some enemies, earning yourself some ratings.

Now, you might want to take a break and come back to the fight later. But this time, you want to continue on a PS5 console. To do this, you must use the cross-save feature. In For Honor, this is different from a cross-platform. And it helps a lot in specific situations.

The process is simple and hassle-free. Log into your account on the new console, and everything is back to normal.

But there’s one little consideration to have in mind. For Honor won’t let you cross-save on a different console. In other words, you can only access this feature on an updated version on your console or its predecessors.

This means that the game supports next-gen consoles. Ever since fans laid down their complaints, the developers have been trying to break the barrier.

Next Generation Compatibility

Next-gen compatibility is a modern-day feature that paves the way for smooth accessibility on different consoles. It is a way of solving gamers’ blockage barrier. But it only applies to consoles in the same series.

This means that Xbox One players can play with others using Xbox Series. For Honor also supports PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and PS5. And players can cross-play with any of these consoles.

For Honor, next-gen consoles express action with a little more spark and improved gameplay. It poses enhanced texture filtering, sharp shadow resolution, improved water reflection, and many more.

Ways In Which Cross-plays Can Affect A Game

You never can tell what would have happened if For Honor supported a cross-platform patch from its time of creation. Who knows? The platform might surpass its current level. The player base may increase by a whopping 100%.

But at the same time, there could be a poor technicality, inadequate handlings, and all sorts. It is important to note that adding a cross-play patch to a game also lies in the bad of fans.

Ubisoft isn’t the first to disregard cross-plays. And there are specific reasons for that. They include:

  • Technical barriers
  • Platform advantage issues
  • Cheating

On the contrary, cross-plays can help scale up with immediate effect. That you can play against a friend on another platform is an advantage on its own. However, here are some other benefits below:

Easy Matchmaking

With cross-play in the game, the number of players will skyrocket. And matching will be super easy. Matchmaking time will improve. Not just that, but the players will also get to have a taste of what they expect.

Easy matchmaking means players can connect over the internet and play against each other. This is a huge opportunity if you want to match with a skill group that matches your qualifications.

Easy Match With New Friends

Many players complain about meeting the same set of people over and over again. This is quite common in games that don’t support cross-platform—including For Honor.

There is a limited player base, and not many people are added daily. So it is likely to come across the same player regularly. And when it becomes a regular play, the fun reduces.

Cross-plays can help increase the player base with a skillful set of people. You’ll come across a wonderful group of qualified players. And the intensity becomes much more effective. Now, that’s the beauty.

Faceoff with Friends with Other Hardware

Playing For Honor with a friend is under specific circumstances. You can’t play from different hardware. If you truly want to challenge each other, you must use the same game console.

Because of this, many have moved on to other exciting games. If For Honor supports cross-platform, all these would be scrapped out for good. And you’d get to select players of your choice.

For Honor Cross-platform Petition

Ubisoft is gaining popularity by daylight. Many fans are still surprised about the striking out of cross-plays. And some are taking adequate steps to see what can be done.

It appears that Ubisoft has made their call, which says “no cross-plays.” But some fans aren’t down for that. Hence, they’ve arranged a petition for the inclusion of this feature.

While some fans feel it’s the right thing to do, others think it unnecessary. For some, it could become a breakthrough for this game. But there are still players who feel cross-plays could destroy the whole gameplay.

This petition has raised many concerns. Ubisoft is fully aware, and it is taking adequate measures for a solution.

Ubisoft Connect

Big thanks to Ubisoft for giving all gamers such thrill and historical content. They are responsible for putting a smile on many faces. Yet, they probably have their reasons to disregard a cross-play patch.

For Honor doesn’t have any cross-platform patch. But there are plans to include other consoles into the action.

Ubisoft Connect is a program developed by the developers to help solve the challenge that fans experience. And the company’s way of doing that is to create a list of games to be included in the Connect.

All hopes are high, as For Honor is likely to make a list. This could mean a lot for the player base. If this happens, cross-plays can finally take place.