15 Action Fighting Games Like For Honor

For Honor is a medieval fantasy action game in which you can play as a variety of warriors and soldiers, including medieval knights, feudal Japanese samurai, Norse Vikings, and Ancient Chinese Wu Lin.

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We’ve also included For Honor in our list of 16 Games Like Darkest Dungeon. If you enjoy single-player and multiplayer third-person combat with original, challenging mechanics in a medieval fantasy setting, then here are 15 similar games like For Honor for you.

1. Bloodborne

In this action RPG, which can be played in either single-player or multiplayer mode, you control a completely customizable character known only as the Hunter. This game is set in Yharnam, a Gothic Victorian-esque city whose inhabitants are infected with a blood-borne disease.

The player’s goal is to discover the origin of this sanguineous plague, all while fighting off fantasy beasts and embarking on side quests that can be completed solo or, in the case of boss battles and fighting large hordes of enemies at one time, multiplayer.

If you enjoyed most of the elements of For Honor and want to play a game with a more expansive solo playing mode, this is by far the best game for you.

2. Mordhau

This medieval hack-and-slash fighting game is solely multiplayer, especially emphasizing hand-to-hand combat, though it also has ranged weaponry and mounts with which you can go into battle. Go head-to-head with online players in either a first- or third-person perspective, and customize your mercenary in most of the modes in the game.

The game also features multiple play modes, including Frontline, in which there are two teams with a maximum total of 48 players who compete to earn points through combat, as well as Deathmatch, in which players fight to the death in a free-for-all with no teams.

If you enjoyed the combat, the teamwork, and the multiplayer features of For Honor, this is the next game you should play.

3. Ghost of Tsushima

In this third-person action-adventure open-world stealth game, the player controls Jin Sakai, the only remaining member of the Sakai clan of samurai warriors. The player must protect Tsushima Island as the Mongols make their first invasion of the Japanese archipelago.

If you enjoyed the melee combat and boot-to-boot confrontation with the enemies in For Honor, this is the game for you, as the battle scenes all include these elements, as well as one-on-one duels with NPCs that are featured as side quests throughout the game.

Despite criticism of its open-world structure, this game was the subject of generally favorable reviews, and it is well worth the play if you enjoyed the combat element of For Honor.

4. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

In this open-world action-adventure game, the player controls Eivor Varinsdottir, a Viking raider embattled against the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms. The player can customize Eivor to be either male or female, or the player can allow the game to switch Eivor’s gender back and forth on its own.

Much like previous games in the series, it focuses on main story missions and side missions with a linear storyline. Unlike For Honor, it is solely single-player, so For Honor’s players who would prefer to complete missions and engage in combat on their own will enjoy this latest installment of the Assassin’s Creed series.

5. The Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series

After Tom Clancy became famous as a novelist, he decided to start making games by founding his own development company, Red Storm Entertainment. The Rainbow Six series of games is based on his novel of the same name.

The gameplay is similar to Ghost Recon, which is just below it on this list. These games focus on multiplayer teamwork and battling a war of attrition, destroying as many environmental areas as you can.

If you enjoyed the teamwork-based multiplayer mode of For Honor, these are the games for you, as the gameplay relies heavily on synchronicity between the players in order to complete missions.

6. The Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series

Much like the Rainbow Six series, the Ghost Recon games focus on military tactics. In this game, you work in a fictional special forces battalion tasked with classified missions (e.g. taking on Russian ultranationalists in Moscow, stopping the Ethiopian army’s colonel from invading Eritrea).

In the most recent installment, Breakpoint, you can work with a team of online players to complete these important, world-changing missions. If you were more focused on the teamwork aspects of the multiplayer mode in For Honor, Ghost Recon is an ideal series for you.

7. The God of War series

This expansive action-adventure series is a thrilling tribute to Greek (and later Norse) mythology. The player controls Kratos, a Spartan warrior who triggers a war between humanity and the gods after the god of war, Ares, deceived him into killing his family.

The combat is hack-and-slash, with an important quick-time event element added for devastating damage. If you enjoyed the fast-paced combat of For Honor, this is the next game series you should pick up, as God of War is chock-full of it, albeit in a tweaked style.

8. Death Stranding

In this Hideo Kojima title, the player controls Sam Bridges, a courier for isolated colonies who reconnects them via a wireless network that allows them to communicate. It takes place in an open world with features of the action genre, as you must avoid the cult of rogue bandits that roam the open world killing couriers and taking their deliveries to make themselves instead. If you enjoyed the action aspects of For Honor, then this game is an ideal choice for you.

9. Final Fantasy VII Remake

In this remake of the original Final Fantasy VII, the player controls Cloud Strife, who joins an eco-terrorism group to prevent a megacorporation from depleting the world of its life energy. The original graphics were 2-D, but the remake was made in Unreal Engine 4 with 3-D polygonal graphics.

This game combines exploration with battles and role-playing. If you enjoyed the battle and role-playing aspects of For Honor more than anything else, you will enjoy this inspired, high-quality remake.

10. The Nioh series

The Nioh games are action RPGs which take place in Japan in the year 1600. The player plays as an Irish samurai, who must fight both humans and yokai (“strange apparitions”) while completing missions and progressing the story line. You can also collect items throughout the world, including XP, gold, weapons, armor, and food.

True to its time period, weapons and armor can be taken to the blacksmith, who can either buy it or break it down into base material to create something else. The fast-pace hack-and-slash combat combined with Dark Souls-esque combat makes this game great to play after playing For Honor.

11. Hanako: Honor & Blade

This multiplayer class-based action-adventure is a visual delight as well due to the fact that it took over 10 years to develop it. Set in sixteenth-century feudal Japan, players can choose from one of four types of warriors. While the combat is primarily melee, as in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, the Ite (archer) class of warrior can use long-range weapons, as each class has its own set of skills, weapons, and combat style.

Online battles can take place with up to 24 online players. You can play this game on Steam as of summer 2021, and it is well worth it with its stunning graphics and dynamic gameplay.

12. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

This hack-and-slasher is the first commercial title by Tom Banner Studios. It is set in a medieval world, with a focus on multiplayer gameplay. Combat is primarily done with melee weapons, with the ranged weaponry being ballistae, catapults, and other old-fashioned long-distance equipment.

If you play it online, you can complete objectives with your team, such as looting enemy camps and using a battering ram to breach an enemy castle. There is no single-player campaign mode, but this is intended in the future. There is also a sequel, Chivalry 2, released in June this year. If you enjoyed the multiplayer combat in For Honor, this is the next game for you.

13. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is set in the medieval Kingdom of Bohemia in the Holy Roman Empire. The role-playing system in this game is classless, with customizable skills so you can play a certain role (or a mix of more than one role).

With a non-linear quest system and multiple ways to accomplish goals, this game is sure to satisfy the itch for a new action-adventure RPG. If you enjoyed the medieval fantasy setting of For Honor, this is the next game for you.

14. Immortals Fenyx Rising

This game is one of the most similar to For Honor on this list. It is a third-person action-adventure game in which you can customize your character and use melee and ranged attacks to defeat enemies in the open-world setting. It is heavily influenced by Greek mythology, including enemies like the Minotaur and cyclopes. If you enjoyed the combat features in For Honor, you will enjoy Immortals Fenyx Rising.

15. Cyberpunk 2077

We previously featured this game in our list of 16 games like Saints Row. Though its initial release had a rocky start, Cyberpunk 2077 has come into its own as an open-world action RPG. The player controls a completely customizable mercenary named V.

You can choose one of three life paths and go from there to live out the game while exploring the vast open world of Night City. If you enjoyed the action aspects and period-specific setting of For Honor, this is the game for you.

Our top pick for games like For Honor is Bloodborne. Do you agree with this choice, or do you think we should have given a different game the number-one slot? Let us know in the comments below!

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