Is Neverwinter Cross-Platform? A Detailed Answer Along with Leveling Tips and Tricks

Is Neverwinter cross-platform? If you’re here in search of answers because you stumbled upon the game recently and are thinking of trying it on Xbox, or you’re an experienced Neverwinter player hoping to introduce a friend with PS4 to the game, you’re in the right place.

This article will explore whether Neverwinter is cross-platform, alternatives, and things you can do to improve your experience with this coveted MMORPG.

Does Neverwinter Support Cross-platform?

Unfortunately, Neverwinter doesn’t support cross-platform. Although it is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox one, you still cannot play with your Xbox friends if you own a PS4. Given that the MMORPG was launched in 2013 and has grown in leaps and bounds, why is Neverwinter still not cross-platform? According to Cryptic, Neverwinter PC vs. Neverwinter on gaming consoles run on two different software versions, making cross-platform play virtually impossible.

Is There Hope Neverwinter Will Be Cross-platform?

Sadly, no. According to Neverwinter developers, converting the game MMORPG to cross-platform is time and resource taxing. That explains why there are no plans to make it cross-platform.

Why You Shouldn’t Worry

Although the answer to is Neverwinter cross-platform is no, that shouldn’t worry you because it comes with fantastic multi-player features you’ll enjoy. What’s more, since it’s available on all three gaming platforms, you can still introduce your new and current Xbox, PC, or PS4 friends to it. Plus, there’s an alternative which we’ll discuss right after these Neverwinter leveling tips and tricks.

Neverwinter Leveling Tips and Tricks    

Just because you can’t cross-play Neverwinter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Here are leveling tips and tricks to get you from heroic to epic levels on Neverwinter:

1. Join the VIP Table

Being a VIP member on Neverwinter grants you a 10% experience points bonus. It also offers you immunity to injuries and other attractive benefits depending on the VIP rank.

2. Try on Some XP-Boosting Clothes

You can also rock some clothes on Neverwinter to get additional XP. For instance, some garments will offer you up to a 20% XP boost.

3. Accept and Complete Questing

The secret to progressing from heroic to Epic on Neverwinter is accepting and completing stories. Cover all the side quests you find, too, because it earns you more XP than grinding. Questing also rewards you with an attractive treasure and even more XP when you complete it. Besides, it’s more fun because there’s an interesting story to follow and even monsters to slay as you work your way to the top.

4. Get You Some Leveling Gear

Gear like the ensorcelled Mulholland, inscribed garments, and azure enchantments offer you bonus XP and help you move much quicker, which means quick progress. You’ll, however, need AD to get such gear.

5. Join a Guild

Even for experienced players, some parts of Neverwinter are too challenging to tackle solo. That said, if you want to level up fast on the game, consider joining a guild or a party. Besides, joining a guild unlocks new and exciting quests, achievements, and an immensely vast stronghold area.

To join a guild on Neverwinter, find a good group and ask a privileged member to invite you. To create your own, find five level-15 players, guide them on how to switch to the same instance, and then go to the Guild registrar in the starting city and notify them of your intent. Note, to create your own; you must be at least level 15. 

Neverwinter Alternatives

Although you cannot cross-play Neverwinter, you can still enjoy an almost similar experience by trying out the following Neverwinter alternatives:

1. Runescape

Runescape is the world’s largest free MMORPG with over 200,000,000 million users. They even got a Guinness World Record for it. The game’s popularity is no surprise as it has an exciting story that lets you choose your fate. You can choose to be a scholarly wizard with immensely powerful magic or become a powerful and dangerous rogue protecting the innocent and killing your rivals. It’s set in the medieval fantasy world of Gielinor, and you don’t have to pay for it.  

2. Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter night is yet another excellent alternative you can try out for an almost similar playing experience. Similar to Neverwinter, Neverwinter Night is a Dungeons and Dragons-based video game. Commonly referred to as NWN, it begins with your character being sent to recover monsters needed to create a cure for a plague in Neverwinter.

You can choose the skills and abilities you want and even create unique adventure lands and invite your friends to join you. Is Neverwinter Nights cross-platform? Yes, there’s an enhanced edition compatible with PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Note, even though they share a name, Neverwinter and Neverwinter night are entirely unrelated. Neverwinter is a Cryptic Studios game, while Bioware developed NWN. Also, Neverwinter was created in 2013, while NWN was launched in 2002.

3. World of Warcraft

Often shortened to WoW, World of Warcraft isn’t just an excellent Neverwinter alternative; it’s also one of the best MMORPGs around. It has had a cultural impact on both the gaming and the real world.

Despite being in existence since 2004, the game still has a large following. It’s popularity is mainly because it has an enormous gaming world with a ton of abilities, characters, and game settings from which to select. Moreover, it has countless modes and a myriad of fans which imparts a sense of community.

It is based on the Warcraft Universe and is set in the fictional world of Azeroth, which is made up of three worlds and is home to all sorts of characters, ranging from trolls, elves to dragons. You can form groups of five or as large as 25. Such options are why it’s such a big deal almost two decades later. The catch? It’s not free.   

Let the Games Begin

Neverwinter is not cross-platform, but it boasts superb multi-player features that’ll make you forget whether you wanted to cross-play. We’ve highlighted leveling tips and tricks to make your experience even better. If you must cross-play, we’ve also outlined Neverwinter alternatives like Neverwinter Night which are cross-platform. Blissful playing!