Is For Honor a Pay-to-Win Game? Know Here!

The Medieval action fighting game For Honor isn’t one of the most famous games in the genre.

But it certainly has a loyal and dedicated fanbase of players which is why the game is far from dying.

With its Marching Fire expansion pack, things are looking bright for the game.

But the reason why you’re here is to know if For Honor is pay to win, so keep reading and we’ll help you find out.

Is For Honor a Pay to Win game?

No. For Honor is not a pay to win game. The game does have premium currency which can be bought with real money.

But it doesn’t offer you anything that would give you an advantage that you can’t acquire in-game.

Besides the cosmetics that make you look prettier, paying won’t really give you something that free to play (F2P) players can’t get.

What about Crates?

Players can acquire crates using real money to get some nice goodies and a better chance at optimal stats and that would definitely be useful in your gameplay.

This is why many people call the game pay to win. But there is actually NOTHING that players can’t get without paying.

Crates are usually given to you along the way as you play the game FOR FREE!

Besides, you can use Steel to purchase crates and you can acquire all you need in-game.

So For Honor is a very F2P friendly game which doesn’t make it unfair for players who don’t want to spend a dollar in in-game currency.

How do you win in For Honor for free?

If you’re a F2P player and you still want to dominate in this game without a single dollar leaving your wallet, then you have come to the right place.

If you define winning as getting stronger and as a player while enjoying the game as you beat your rivals and see your own story unfold, then here’s what you need to do.

For Honor Tips and Tricks

Practice beats paying

No matter how much money a rich player spends, he can never beat a seasoned veteran with experience and mastery in his hero.

Especially since For Honor is one of the most mechanically demanding games around.

In the end a pay to win player cannot beat someone who actually puts in the time and effort to get better in the game not just equipment-wise but more importantly in SKILL. So practice, practice practice!

Use Champion Status and XP Boosts

Getting Champion  Status is almost as important as finishing your orders. It may cost you some steel but it will be all worth it with the 40% XP boost.

Besides, leveling up also gives you steel. Make sure to use these when you are at your peak hours or at the days where you know you can spend a lot of time in For Honor.

Level up your Rep 1 Characters

You must have noticed that Rep 1 characters are quicker to level up than every other subsequent Reps.

Leveling a character up gives you more overall rep and skill.

By leveling up and using your new characters, you can get a vague idea of how each one of them is used, making you a better player overall.

Orders, orders, orders

Not doing your orders is like not wanting to level up in For Honor. Orders award you with EXP anywhere from 500 to 1500.

That’s equivalent to 3 Dominion matches. So nothing beats doing your orders if you want to get stronger and win in For Honor.

Which game mode gives the most XP bonuses?

If you want to level up and get stronger as fast as possible, which game mode should you be playing?

The answer is either Breach or Dominion. Breach gives tons of XP for players who have the time and energy to play it since matchmaking is longer here.

But if you want to play more while earning almost the same EXP and spending less time matchmaking, go for Dominion.

For honor in service

For honor is all about service and actually putting in the work.

There is absolutely no substitute for hard work and training for a warrior, which is what you are in For Honor.

So go out there, kick some ass, and win the game.