Is Planetside 2 a Pay-to-Win Game? Let’s Find Out!

Action and sci-fi collide in Rogue Planet Games’ adrenaline-filled massively multiplayer first person shooter.

With thousands of players joining in the action, does money give a select few the winning hand?

If you want to know if Planetside 2 is a pay to win game, you are in the right place.

Is Planetside 2 a pay to win game?

No. Planetside 2 is not a pay to win game. There aren’t any weapons or items to buy that would give you a significant advantage over others who play without spending.

Planetside 2 has been around for years and it has always been a great free to play (F2P) game.

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Everything you need to win at the game can be earned through actual gameplay.

What about Daybreak Cash?

Daybreak cash is the virtual currency for in-game purchases in Planetside 2.

You can use it to buy weapons, weapon optics and attachments, boosts, and cosmetic items which is probably why some people call it pay to win.

But everything you can get with Daybreak cash can also be acquired using Certs.

Certification Points or shortened as Certs is the primary currency in Planetside 2 which can be earned in-game.

This is used to buy weapons and everything else that you can with Daybreak Cash. So with a little bit of effort and grinding and through actual gameplay you can become as strong as any paying player can be.

The only thing you can’t get your hands on without buying are cosmetics and special effects.

So basically it’s a pay to look pretty game which has given its players an awesome F2P  experience for the past years.

How do you win in Planetside 2 for free?

So you’re a free player and you want to dominate in this game.

If you want to learn how to get stronger while enjoying your actual gameplay and carving a way to victory over your rivals, then you definitely made the right choice by clicking here.

Planetside 2 Tips and Tricks

Certs are first

Certs are what you use to buy basically everything in this game. From weapons to gears and every item that you would need.

That means acquiring them equals getting stronger. Fortunately every player has a fair chance because you can get them by playing through the game.

So if you want to get stronger and win in Planetside 2, you have to make acquiring Certs your top priority.

That and learning the game and actually honing your skills. Both of which you can do by playing the game.

So grinding is like hitting two birds with one stone. So how can you efficiently do that and get stronger as fast as you can for free?

Kill or Heal

When it comes to earning Certs there are two options that you can do. First is by being a very aggressive player.

Blow up high priority targets like vehicles and kill lots of planetmans. With this method you have to be quite good with the game mechanics-wise since it requires a lot of skill to do these things.

But on the bright side, it also turns you into a monster of a player.

Combine that with the gear you can afford with certs and no pay to win player can ever beat you.

Second option is kind of boring and autopilot but pays quite well.

The medic class is the one that would give you a lot of Certs. So wait and watch people die, and have a ton of Certs when you’re done.

Spend Certs to make more Certs

Approach it with a business mindset. Spending your Certs or capital wisely will earn you a huge profit.

So spend certs on your gear so that you can earn faster and better.

Upgrade your stuff especially your repair  tools and revive grenades because these are the items that would be earning you the most.

Fight Harder

The tagline of Planetside 2 says it all. It reads “fight harder!” not pay harder.

This alone can tell us that the game is definitely NOT pay to win.

Now you know what to do, get out there and give it your best shot.