Is Warzone a Pay-to-Win Game? What is the Real Truth?

Call of Duty: Warzone. Ahhh, one of the greatest First Person Shooter games finally lets you enjoy the high-adrenaline action with hundreds of other players on an all-new battle royale experience.

If you want to know whether this is a great free to play game or just another pay to win, then you are at the right place.

Is Warzone a pay to win game?

The short answer is YES. Call of Duty: Warzone is A pay to win game.

The popular battle royale has faced and is still facing a lot of controversies regarding the pay to win issue.

Activision and Raven have always been known to make awesome games but this time, unless they fix the problems the game will be unfair.

What makes Warzone pay to win?

Warzone offers in-game purchases with real cash for cosmetics and weapons, both of which can be acquired without spending a dime.

However, there are some items that free to play (F2P) players can’t get without spending, and they have no significant impact on the actual gameplay.

At least that’s what the developers are making us believe. With that said, let’s hop into the reasons why Warzone is currently a pay to win game.

Blueprints Vs Base Versions of Weapons

Pay to win for us is something that lets you pay for anything that gives you a significantly bigger chance at winning over players who don’t have loose change to spare.

This is exactly what blueprints are all about. Although at first glance, they are just pay to look pretty cosmetics, they actually offer quite a few advantages over their basic version counterparts.

With the new year comes new issues that gamers are worried about.

Since the introduction of Cold War weapons in Warzone, things started to breach. Adding all these weapons at once became really overwhelming and as expected made the game imbalance.

The DMR 14, Mac-10, Type 63, and Akimbo Diamattis are just few of the broken weapons that even after the nerf are still way to OP and abused in Warzone. Whis brings us to our next pay to win element.

The Mac-10

This is one of the longest running pay to win elements in the game.

The revolution against the Mac-10 was started by the famous COD streamer JGOD years ago.

A seemingly harmless cosmetic which was supposed to be for design purposes only had a HUGE advantage over its basic version.

For one, it has better recoil than the original which makes aiming easier.

The crosshair is also noticeably smaller which again improves your aim and makes hitting other people easier than normal.

The biggest giveaway here is the headshot damage difference that caused an uproar amidst the Warzone community, which is why the developers have nerfed the gun.

But despite this, the Mac-10 still proves to be quite a problem today with its damage being higher and it isn’t limited to a hard to get headshot but to entire body shots as well.

The Mac-10 blueprint is just way better than its basic version.

The Invisible Skin

This is probably a bug which Raven still hasn’t fixed.

The issue here is about the Awoken Skin being seen by the players in the battlefield as just a yellow floating head.

With nothing but a head to see, one can only try to headshot players with this skin equipped or try desperately in hitting an invisible body.

Unless Raven fixes this, it will be another pay to win controversy that will drive players away.

Thankfully we have the streamers with big influence like JGOD, and the Warzone community being active in addressing these concerns so that COD: Warzone can still be an enjoyable and fair game for everyone.


Call of Duty has been one of the best and longest running action games of all time.

It has been loved by players for nearly two decades now.

With Warzone being a fresh and new addition  into the installment, there are sure to be some problems, issues, and bugs.

Let us hope that the developers finally fix these and make Warzone fair and free. See you on the battlefield!