Is Elder Scrolls Online a Pay-to-Win Game? Read the Article to Know!

Think about a game where you can go anywhere, do anything, and write a story of your own.

Well, that’s what Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is all about. These are the types of games that would get anyone excited.

Well, except after discovering that you need to pay a hundred bucks just to win. Is Elder Scrolls Online pay to win? Keep reading to know.

Is Elder Scrolls Online a Pay-to-Win game?

Yes. Elder Scrolls Online IS pay to win. There is stuff that you can buy with premium currency that is exclusive and advantageous, free players can still get it with some effort though. 

But with the addition of the new ESO Plus membership, you can significantly boost your advantage over other players..

What makes ESO Pay-to-Win?

ESO Plus membership has three different plans: 30-day, 90-day and 180-day. Each with their own perks but all of them gives you Crowns which is the game’s premium currency.

Being able to use Crowns to buy exclusive pets, mounts, and DLCs makes the game pay to win.

Even though it is true that Crowns aren’t exclusive to players who can spend real money because they can also be acquired through actual gameplay indirectly, there’s actually more that ESO Plus offers.

Normally you can’t loot Crowns in game. But you can grind for gold and it is within the game’s terms for you to trade gold for Crowns.

This means that even free to play (f2p) gamers can get their hands on this resource.

However, ESO Plus Membership not only gives you Crowns but also 10% bonuses to experience gain, crafting research, crafting inspiration and gold acquisition which is already a massive boost in your gameplay.

Is ESO F2P friendly?

We are glad to share that ESO is finally free-to-play friendly.

Elder Scrolls Online previously had a Subscription Based game model which wasn’t really a fan favorite.

So the developers decided to make it a Buy to Play game.

Now, you only need to purchase the game and you can play it as much as you want without any monthly fees to worry about.

Though it isn’t entirely free, Elder Scrolls Online, now called Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, is more accessible to players.

Now you can enjoy the same ESO but without the irritating fees. The game isn’t as expensive as it used to be but still requires some spending.

Fortunately you can now spend your budget on in-game currency and instead of using it on paying for the game.

How to earn Crown Gems in ESO for FREE?

So you’re a F2P player. Does that mean you can never be as good as the ESO Plus players?

Well, if you’re not willing to put in the work  play, that would be the case. But if you’re a dedicated player who wants to get better and earn Crowns without spending cash, here are some pro tips for you.

Collect Daily Rewards

We mentioned that F2P players can still earn Crown Gems indirectly.

This method may take some effort, grinding, and time but it will allow you to get your hands on the premium currency.

It involves collecting items and turning them into Crown Gems later.

The first step is by regularly logging into the game and collecting your daily rewards.

Sometimes you can collect high-tier items just by logging in which can later become Crown Gems. Plus you can get more items and resources making you stronger for free.

Opening Crown Crates

ESO is all about leveling up your characters and sometimes by doing this you are awarded with free Crown Crates.

Opening these crates will give you a lot of rewards like costumes, Crown XP Scrolls, potions, and a lot more.

These high-tier goods can then be turned into Crown Gems by following the next step.

Deconstruct Items

Go to the in-game menu; then open the crate opening menu and go to Deconstruct.

All of the high-tier items you collected that are duplicated can be converted into Crown Gems.

So pick the items that you don’t need and deconstruct them into Crown Gems.

Playing beats paying

Just like that you now have free Crown Gems.

Even though ESO is kind of pay to win, money can’t really buy you skills. So in the end actual gameplay always wins.