Is Guild Wars 2 a Pay-to-Win Game? Find the Answer Here!

ArenaNet’s MMORPG has been around for quite some time and is continuing to bring high-adrenaline enjoyment to over 14 million players around the globe and the number is still growing.

With all that said, is Guild Wars 2 for everyone, even free players? If you want to know if Guild Wars 2 is another pay to win game, you are at the right place.

No. Guild Wars 2 is NOT a pay to win game. It doesn’t offer any items for real-world cash that can give other players an edge.

The only thing that players can get with money alone is cosmetics. The best and most powerful gear in the game can’t even be purchased except by using in-game currency that can only be earned through actual gameplay.

How about Gems?

Using the Black Lion Trading Company you can use your gems to buy selected items and cosmetics.

Gems can be acquired through spending real-world cash which is why some players tend to say that Guild Wars 2 is pay to win.

HOWEVER, even free players can get gems totally for free with some  effort.

So it doesn’t really make the game imbalanced in any sort of way. So there is technically nothing that you can spend premium currency on that is better than what you can acquire through actual gameplay.

Gems as the premium currency of the game only makes you LOOK awesome but not actually stronger.

It can be acquired through lots and lots of grinding, so if you want to save yourself the hassle, you can spend money on gems.

How do you win in Guild Wars 2 for free?

If you’re a free player, which is most likely why you’re here, then you must be curious on how to get stronger in Guild Wars 2 without spending any cash. If that’s the case, then you are at the right place.

Guild Wars 2 Tips and Tricks


Just like most MMORPGs, in order to get stronger in Guild Wars 2 you must level up your character and acquire stronger items and equipment.

To do that as a free player, you would need to grind. That means putting in effort while enjoying the game by;

  • Logging in daily to collect rewards
  • Finishing personal story
  • Killing Yellow Creatures
  • Completing Daily and PVE achievements
  • Using EXP boosters
  • Collecting items and resources


In the end grinding adds to your actual game time and experience so not only does it make your account stronger but also your skill as a player. 

This is something that no amount of money can buy. Guild Wars 2 is one of those games that resources and loot alone won’t let you win it, you have to be actually good at the game.

So one way of winning is by practicing a lot and honing your skill.

Get Exotic and Ascended Equipment

These equipment can be crafted, dropped or bought on the Trading Post. These are the key equipment for winning in both PVP and PVE.

If you’re someone who wants to be as strong as you can be and want the best stats achievable, then you should get Ascended Equipment.

But if you’re willing to compromise just a little bit of stats for way less effort, Exotic is the way to go.

Use the /team or /map chat

Don’t miss out on the free help and guide just lying around waiting for your attention.

Looking for a certain item? Use the chat. Can’t beat a boss? Use the chat. Looking for tips and guides that would help you get stronger? You know it!

The chat is a great place for players to share their knowledge and experience in the game, so definitely take advantage of this by being active and asking questions you need.

Come One, Come All!

As their motto says, Guild Wars 2 is not a game for just rich people. It is a game where everyone with skill, effort, and dedication can win.

Unlike other free to play games which make paying money a ticket for victory, Guild Wars 2 allows its players to all come and enjoy winning without spending a dollar.