7 MMORPGs With a Post-Apocalyptic Setting

The apocalypse is a dreary thing, the end of the world as we know it. Yet, while the thought itself seems scary, many famous works of fiction fantasize the idea. Movies like Mad Max and games like Fallout show a world clinging on to what’s left of humanity as they tumble down back to the … Read more

The 7 Best Sci-fi MMORPGs to Play and Explore

Even though sci-fi has been ever popular in movies and video games, it lacks quality MMORPG titles. Instead, most MMORPGs dwell on fantasy settings, perhaps due to the popularity of Diablo or the lack of logic required to write a fantasy tale. Believe me; it’s far easier to explain every weird, even as magic, than … Read more

9 MMO & MMORPGs That Are Highly Popular in Russia

MMORPGs as a genre is very popular in Russia; the gaming audience as a whole is primarily PC-based over there, after all. Research suggests that despite Russia’s lack of sophisticated internet networks like Japan’s or Korea’s, there’s a good chunk of people in Russia playing MMORPGs. It’s evident in the fact that most global MMORPG … Read more

10 MMORPGs That Are Highly Popular in China

Every culture has different preferences when it comes to entertainment. Every country produces various kinds of music and art that have apparent cultural ties, for example, the sudden surge of superhero movies in Hollywood or the popularity of games like Starcraft in Korea. Online MMORPGs, in general, have been gaining popularity since RuneScape, but different … Read more

8 Best Realistic MMORPGs For You to Enjoy

Realism has always been a positive attribute for a video game. Some more popular video games have had a grounded and realistic take in either story or gameplay. Games like Red Dead Redemption, Death Stranding 2 or Death Stranding might have had an unrealistic or far-fetched story but stay realistic, at least in gameplay. I … Read more

9 Best Kid-Friendly MMORPGs Your Little Ones Can Play & Enjoy

While video games, in general, are a source of entertainment and fun, some video games feature content that isn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows. Like movies, some games feature serious content that’s probably not good for a developing brain. For example, I wouldn’t recommend games like Manhunt to anyone under 18 because gratifying violence is not … Read more

8 Best Non Pay To Win MMORPGs You Can Try

Pay-to-win is a sad standard in games these days, especially free-to-play ones. But, for the most part, it’s fair if the content is good enough and there are no exclusive items only purchasable by real money. Games like Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have demonstrated a perfect model where developers can profit without giving the … Read more

9 Best First-person MMORPGs To Play & Enjoy With Friends

I’ve stated before how perspectives can influence the story-telling of a game. Although I enjoy third-person games now and then, I prefer non-linear games, specifically RPGs in a first-person format. Let’s face it, games like Half-life or Max Payne wouldn’t quite have the same impact if their perspectives were interchanged. There’s something about assuming the … Read more

6 Top MMORPGs With Flying Mechanics

I have always been fascinated with flying in video games. Whether it’s playing as Superman saving the city or using jetpack in San Andreas, the ability to use the Z-axis effectively in a 3D game is excellent, especially for action games since they allow more versatility in combat and grants players more venues for an … Read more

9 MMORPGs Featuring Pets As A Companion

No RPG is complete without companions, an added element to the game to assist players in battle or other things; everyone remembers that in Skyrim, Lydia was best to carry equipment so as not to overburden the player character. Of course, NPCs are not the only companions in games, and pets have been around in … Read more

6 Werewolf MMORPGs That Are Scary & Entertaining

Human imagination is incredible and can come up with some of the most fantastic things. Through time, man has created myths that have a firm footing in their cultural beliefs at the time. Take the werewolf, for example. It’s believed to be a superstition that gained popularity through German poetry and fiction in the 15th … Read more

9 Best MMORPGs With Building Mechanics

Base-building as a game mechanic has been around for a long time. It can be traced back to games like SimCity, which gave players control over an entire city, and players had to keep their city efficiently running and citizens happy. More recently, though, games like Satisfactory and Valheim have expanded a bit more on … Read more

Top 8 MMORPGs with Gathering and Crafting Elements

I was first introduced to the mechanic of gathering ingredients and crafting potions/armor in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The game encouraged players to explore the wilderness for herbs and scrap to craft the most powerful items in the game. This tradition has since carried on, and in Skyrim, players could only access some of … Read more

6 Best Retro MMORPGs For You to Reminisce & Enjoy

MMORPGs is a relatively new genre that has burst into popularity thanks to the advances in internet technology, allowing players to connect from across the world. However, interestingly, we can trace the genre’s roots as far back as 1974 with the title Mazeware. Those games weren’t strictly MMORPG (keyword being massive); they were as Multi-User … Read more

9 Best Third-person MMORPGs To Play & Enjoy

I have always believed that the perspective a game chooses to play in can dictate the content of the game and the visual detailing it offers. Take, for example, Age of Empires, a 2D title with a top-down perspective. The game offers 39 unique civilizations, each with types of army units and buildings so forth. … Read more

Top 10 MMOs With Controller Support For Easy Gaming

There are two types of games, those who prefer keyboard and mouse, and those who prefer controllers. Honestly, both have pros and cons; I like controllers for racing games and keyboard and mouse for first-person shooting games. Let’s face it, aiming and flicking are better with a mouse and driving a car is better with … Read more

14 Best MMORPGs for Macs

It’s not controversial to say that Macs don’t excel at gaming; they aren’t built around that. While PC users get a choice of what kind of specs they’d like, whether they want a four-core CPU or a sixty-four one is entirely the users choice. While some PCs struggle to run the latest games at 30FPS, … Read more

Top 11 Gun Tootin’ MMORPGs – MMOs With Guns

Since Doom came out in ’93 and revolutionized the FPS genre, I have always gravitated towards games that used guns instead of magic or swords. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike games without guns; Dark Souls is the first title that comes to my mind that I enjoy a lot but doesn’t have … Read more

12 Best Korean MMORPGs To Play Right Now

Our culture has a significant impact on our taste and preferences, evident in what kind of media we choose to consume. Hollywood, for example, has been churning out Superhero movies by the number since 2008 more than any other movie industry. Now that’s not to say that people not from America have a tough time … Read more

13 Best 2D MMORPGs Worth Playing This Year

It might seem counterintuitive to look for 2D MMORPGs in 2021 when even our phones are more than capable of rendering beautiful 3D games. But you can’t deny that even though technically 2D is a downgrade, some games more than make up for it with their aesthetically pleasing art style and deep, complex mechanics that … Read more