Top 11 Gun Tootin’ MMORPGs – MMOs With Guns

Since Doom came out in ’93 and revolutionized the FPS genre, I have always gravitated towards games that used guns instead of magic or swords. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike games without guns; Dark Souls is the first title that comes to my mind that I enjoy a lot but doesn’t have any firearms.

However, I have been looking forward to playing Blood Borne whenever I can, it’s the same souls like gameplay, but instead of a shield, players are given a gun, while it might sound counter-intuitive, players can use the gun to parry or interrupt an enemy making it a definitive defensive tool.

When it comes to MMORPGs, most shy away from a realistic modern setting opting for more fantastical themes where a Desert Eagle or an MP5 wouldn’t make sense.

Here’s a list of MMOs with guns as a choice of weapons for the players; however, not all games listed use guns as a primary weapon for all players; instead, only some classes gain access to ranged weaponry. I’ll be sure to mention that in the description.

1. Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a free to play MMORPG released in 2017 for all major platforms. Obviously, it’s the first title to come to mind when thinking of MMORPGs with guns. Destiny 2 features solid gunplay matched with fluid movements and enough variety in one’s arsenal to suit everyone’s needs.

Since it’s a first-person shooter, the game emphasizes the need to be precise and provides visual feedback upon elimination. Honestly, Destiny 2 plays more like Unreal Tournament and Quake than an MMORPG, which works in its favor.

Players are encouraged to play co-op missions with their friends and take on increasingly complex worlds with challenging bosses. In addition, the solid gunplay and variety of guns don’t let this repetitive grind get boring anytime soon.

If you haven’t played it yet, Destiny 2 is a no brainer if your priority is a good FPS, but I find it hard-pressing labelling this game MMORPG, even if everyone else does.

2. Tom Clancy’s The Division

I have expressed my disdain for Ubisoft’s practice of adding Tom Clancy’s name to every game they are releasing these days. Back in the day when Rainbow Six: Raven Sheild was released, Tom Clancy’s name used to stand for strategic and realistic gunplay in a contained setting with multiple hostiles.

The Division, however, is an MMORPG that uses a post-pandemic New York as its setting. The game features a third-person perspective where players and their teammates must fight against enemies that crawl the streets, using various futuristic gadgets and, you guessed it, guns.

All players can carry up to three firearms, and the game plays like Gears of War, i.e. the name of the game is to get into cover clear hostiles and move to the next cover.

This tried and tested gameplay loop shines in The Division, and while I do not appreciate Tom Clancy’s name in the title, it’s still a great game if you’re looking to shoot your enemies.

Again like Destiny 2, I do not understand this game’s need to be called an MMORPG when it barely even scratches the genre’s surface.

3. Warframe

Warframe is another free to play title developed by Digital Extremes and released in 2013. The game plays in a third-person perspective and features light RPG mechanics to allow progression.

Players control a silent protagonist who dons a combat suit that gives him superhero-like agility and special abilities to go with it. The game also features a selection of guns that are either primary or secondary.

Warframe also features space battles if you’re into that kind of thing. I find the Warframe’s gunplay solid, but it doesn’t do anything other than the bare minimum, so I find it hard to go back to it again solely for the gunplay.

4. WildStar

WildStar is an MMORPG with a blend of Sci-Fi and Fantasy developed by Carbine Studios and released in 2014.

Being a blend of two different genres the game features all kinds of playstyles, and guns (ranged weapons) are only wieldable by Engineers, and Spellslingers can equip Pistols. Unfortunately, it’s the kind of game that doesn’t allow all classes to carry guns.

Unlike other games on the list, WildStar features a 2D side-scroller perspective so the guns might not feel as impactful as in the third or first-person; however, the distinction between those who can and cannot carry the guns makes it worthwhile as every now and then you’ll get to face off against enemies or players who cannot wield guns, that’s when the movement mastery comes into play as you double jump and roll away from incoming attacks and unleash a flurry of your own.

Unfortunately, WildStar is officially unsupported; however, there are private servers hosted (such as these – where players can connect and play the game.

5. Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online is one of the older MMORPGs developed by Funcom and released in 2001. Although players can select between four races and a myriad of classes to begin their adventure, the gameplay is somewhat vintage.

Forget about feeling the impact of weapons or recoil control since the game opts for a more traditional point and click SWOTOR type UI.

Anarchy Online excels at delivering a personalised playstyle, though. Players are provided with an upgrade path with over eighty skills to master.

I’d suggest this game for those who want a complex and deep experience that plays like an MMORPG instead of what Division and Destiny 2 deliver.

6. Secret World / Secret World: Legends

Secret World is a newer entry by Funcom released in 2012. It delivers a unique contemporary setting of modern-day infused with Lovecraftian themes.

Fortunately for us action junkies, though, players are given the option between playing it with the older tab-targeting controls of Anarchy Online or play it in a first-person perspective with traditional shooter controls.

There’s a variety of weaponry to choose from, up to 14 abilities and over 500 abilities that players can use on and off combat. The gunplay is passable, and the exploration and the world do a good enough job for players to stick around.

7. PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 holds the world record for hosting the largest FPS battle ever, with the total player count being over one thousand players on the same battlefield.

That in itself should tell you all about the game; it was released in 2012 but is still going strong today, with massive content updates regularly dropped as recently as this year.

8. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG developed by ArenaNet, released in 2012.

Unfortunately, guns can only be wielded by the engineer class. So with that disclaimer out of the way, the game plays in a standard third-person fashion, and there are five races to choose from though, for the intent of this article, it might not be worth mentioning; there are eight selectable classes in the game.

The game boasts a unique mechanic where player actions affect the world; this is unique for an MMORPG since multiple players inhabit the same world. Of course, how well it does this is a subjective matter.

9. DC Universe Online

The irony is that the DC MMORPG allows players to wield guns when their claim to fame is Batman is not lost on me. But it’s a strong enough title, and as weird as it is, players can equip guns in DC Universe Online and work alongside Batman with no issues.

The game was developed by Dimensional Ink games and released in 2011. It has a main quest that spans for hours and additional content added to it over the years.

Comicbook fans will especially love this because it doesn’t detract from the mythic DC heroes, and most stay in character most of the time.

10. Fallout 76

Look, I know mentioning Fallout 76 might trigger some sort of a gamer PTSD for some of you. At launch, it wasn’t all that great even.

I’ll be the first to admit that Bethesda has largely mishandled the IP, and the best Fallout to come out after 2 was New Vegas, Fallout 3 and 4; while may be great games, they don’t even begin to explore what made the first two so good.

Regardless, for the context of this article, we’re looking at MMORPGs that feature guns, and this is it. The game plays very much like Fallout 3 and 4 but with a multiplayer aspect to them. And that’s all I can say about it.

11. Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul is a Korean MMORPG released in 2012. The game flaunts a beautiful mix of martial arts and qigong. Add to that guns, and you’ve got an exciting display of gun-kata a la Christian Bale in Equilibrium.

Unfortunately, as dopamine inducing and heart-thumping the gameplay is, guns are only available to the gunslinger class.

So yeah, if you’re looking to get into this game simply for combat (which I assure you you should) and you only want to use guns, your choice is limited to one.

The combat encourages players to always play on the offensive, rewarding those who successfully chain their combos without letting the enemy up.


Guns aren’t a vital component for me in video games; as I said before, I can enjoy a great game regardless of the weapon it chooses to give me (if any at all), but I’ve always been curious why many MMORPGs elected for the more fantastical setting in which guns won’t make sense.

So anyway, this was my list of MMORPGs that allow players to roam around like Dirty Harry.