Is Far Cry 5 Cross-Platform? A Detailed Answer Along with Game-Enhancing Tips and Tricks

Is Far Cry 5 cross-platform? Whether you are playing it on PC, Xbox One, or the PlayStation 4, you may be wondering if you can play with your friends who are playing it on other systems. This article will explore whether or not Far Cry 5 is cross-platform, alternatives to Far Cry 5 for cross-platform play, and strategies to improve your in-game experience.

Does Far Cry 5 Support Cross-Platform Play?

Unfortunately, Far Cry 5 does not currently support cross-platform. Despite the fact that it is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, you cannot play with your friends if they are playing it on a different system.

It is unknown why Ubisoft chose to not make this game cross-platform, but if you want to play with your friends, you have to go through each platform’s network to play with them.

Will Far Cry 5 Ever Become Cross-Platform?

This is unknown, as there are no known plans to make it cross-platform and, since it was released in 2018, it is doubtful that Ubisoft’s stance will change on it.

Game-Enhancing Tips and Tricks for Far Cry 5

The lack of cross-platform co-op and multiplayer doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t have a plethora of ways to enjoy it! There are many in-game features hidden in plain sight that can make your “Far Cry 5” experience even more fun and exciting.

1. Level up your Guns for Hire!

The randomly-generated Fighter NPCs can join you throughout the game as mercenaries whenever you encounter them. Recruit up to three of them at one time to follow you. The more kills they get, the higher they level up. As they level up, they gain perks that will enhance your skills in combat and help you take out enemies with ease.

Some examples of perks that your GFHs can unlock are Power Hitter, which increases the chance of melee attacks sending your enemies flying, and Back Up, which enables them to revive themselves when they are killed in battle.

Utilize them in battle with your enemies and watch their kill rosters. Once they hit 5, they unlock one random perk, and once they hit 12, they unlock a second random perk. The payoff of mercs with perks is borderline immeasurable.

2. Throw your melee weapons!

Far Cry 5 features a wide variety of melee weapons, from swords to pipes to baseball bats to spades. While you primarily use them in close-range combat, you can also throw them at your enemies! Hold the left trigger and hit fire, and your melee weapon will go flying in the direction that you’re aiming.

3. Look out for signs!

There are road signs throughout the world in Far Cry 5, and, contrary to popular beliefs, they are not just there for decoration. If you look at the road signs, you will find points of interest that will be marked on your map for future reference. Use them to their fullest extent to keep track of where you are and what’s around you!

4. Talk to everyone!

Every NPC is there for a specific reason. While the previous Far Cry game required you to climb radio towers to build up your map, Far Cry 5 enables you to build up your map by reading signs, visiting places on your own, or hearing about them from the NPCs scattered through Hope County.

5. Save all civilians from Cult Outposts!

Rescuing civilians from the antagonistic cultists throughout Hope County not only builds your resistance points, but it can also lead to great rewards. From new missions to new buddies to hidden prep stashes, civilians you rescue provide you with a plethora of vital information.

6. Survey every area before attempting to take it!

In Far Cry 5, you can use your binoculars to survey areas and tag your enemies before invading an area. Doing so can help you get a general location on enemies, locate the alarms to disable, and help you silently take them down in the hopes that they will not call for backup and swarm you before your mission is complete.

7. Use your perk points to unlock extra weapons slots!

If you save up your perk points, you can unlock two additional holsters for weapons, effectively eliminating the need to make a touch decision when you’re about to go into battle. Having at least one extra weapons slot, even if you don’t want a second one, boosts your stamina for the battles ahead.

8. Never go anywhere without a stealth weapon!

Even if you are out in the field and don’t think you’ll need it, keep a stealth weapon, such as a bow and arrow, on you just in case. This is especially helpful once you have amassed a great deal of in-game play time, as your high Resistance Points keeps your enemies on high alert. Whether you think you need it or not, keep a silent but deadly weapon on you at all times.

9. Go fishing!

A great way to build up perk points and unlock new perks is to visit the fishing spots scattered throughout Hope County and fish. Fishing challenges are some of the quickest in the game, and they provide an easy way to build up perk points, with a reward of up to three points per catch. Keep an eye out for fishing spots if you want an easy way to level yourself up while kicking back and relaxing.

10. Take aim when you see a helicopter!

Helicopters are a challenge to take down if you haven’t yet picked up a rocket launcher, but it is absolutely possible to do so. Take aim with a long-range weapon, with your focus on the pilot. Shoot him once or twice, and the helicopter will go down with him!

Alternatives to Far Cry 5

If you love the open world around which the “Far Cry” series revolves, there is a wide variety of other games out there just waiting for you to play them!

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

If you have a Nintendo Switch (or Switch Lite), it’s time for you to get “Breath of the Wild.” By far the most elaborate game in the series thus far–at least, until “Breath of the Wild 2” is released sometime in 2022–there is no end to the possibilities of this picturesque game.

It is by far the best open-world game currently on the market, and if you want a relatively low-intensity game while making it your mission to defeat the evil Ganon and save Hyrule, this is the game for you.

2. Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain

If you’re a fan of the stealthier missions in Far Cry 5, this is the game for you. Featuring 163 hours of open-world gameplay, this installment of “Metal Gear Solid” will satisfy even the most discerning of gamers who prefer an open world that they can explore to their heart’s content.

Be sure that you don’t get hooked on one tactic, however, as you will utilize a wide set of skills throughout this game to outsmart your enemies.

3. Red Dead Redemption 2

Featuring 135 hours of gameplay, “Red Dead Redemption 2” features a vast open world in which you solve a murder mystery, collect fossils, and help (or hurt) the people you encounter in the desert.

If you’re a fan of a good Western and you were focused on the element of helping people on a picturesque backdrop when you played Far Cry 5, this is the game for you.

Let’s Play!

Despite its current lack of cross-platforming, Far Cry 5 still has plenty to offer. We have highlighted the best tips and tricks to improve your in-game experience.

We have also explored the best games on the market that are similar to the title, if you must play cross-platform or if you want to play a game that allows you to get lost in the landscape.

Good luck out there, and take back Hope County one Cult Outpost and enemy hub at a time!