Is Path of Exile Cross-Platform? Know Your Answer Here!

Take charge and fight the evil gods threatening and destroying the Wraeclast. You must deliver the world from monsters and other enemies.

Is Path of Exile really cross-platform? The gameplay is pure ace. There’s an intuitive graphic display that suits the storyline. And, of course, it’s one of the best action role video games. But does it support cross-plays?

Thousands of gamers have asked this same question right before the launch of the game. Only a few people are aware of the game status, while others wander in their mystery.

Sit tight and flex your fingers. The answer to your question is right here.

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Is Path of Exile Really Cross-platform?

Path of Exile isn’t cross-platform. It doesn’t have a cross-play patch. Will it support this feature in the future? Nobody knows. What we do know is there are no plans for this inclusion.

PoE cross-play exclusion is a flaw in a way. The gameplay is multiplayer by nature. The feeling of slicing your enemies with a poisonous blade is unforgettable. Taking charge with friends is even more memorable.

Grinding Gear Games is the force behind this magical creation. The company stands on its decision and firmly disclosed that there would be no cross-plays.

A fan teased Grinding Gear Games on its official Twitter page.  Not long after that, the team responded by enlightening gamers about the status at hand. It appears that all consoles work on separate servers.

Including this patch is a complex task. It isn’t a switch button feature that occurs overnight. Both time and resources are needed for a perfect implementation.

Just in case you’re curious about finding a way, there’s one for PC and Mac users. Gamers can connect to a single game on these platforms. But it still doesn’t justify the exclusion of cross-plays across different devices.

Does PoE Have Cross-play Support?

Cross-plays are great. Multiplayer games are adopting new techniques to connect players outside their platforms. The gaming community is coming as one. But Grinding Gear Games is reluctant to embrace this trend.

Cross-save support would have been an alternative for gamers worldwide. You can save the progress and launch it on other platforms. The fun part is, you don’t have to restart the game.

Sadly, none of the above features is present in PoE. No cross-plays. No cross-save support. This is a flaw, considering the Frantic Dungeon Crawler for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation users. The addition of cross-save support could have been a huge plus.

Supposing this game supports this patch, there would be free migration across separate platforms. You can use the same account on different platforms, catch up with other gamers, and find your way back to Oriath.

Not so fast. There’s a barrier hindering the existence of this patch. Only Grinding Gear developers know the reason why there are no cross-plays.

As it is, there are no plans or talks for the recent update. It’s high time we look for the beauty in this game.

How Cross-Platform Could Impact The Gameplay

The gameplay collectively improves your critical and tactical response towards any game. Path of Exile features High Templar Dominus and seven skillful characters. Each player has one or two of the three core traits: Intelligence, agility, and strength. But the Scion stands out.

This particular character possesses all three core traits. It fights like a special force. When in play, there’s always a spark in the enemy’s camp.

The same thing applies to all other characters. They can improve their performance towards a new skill. But they are super active when it comes to the skills they possess.

Path of Exile isn’t cross-platform. Yet, the game seems to be creating a wave unlikely seen or encountered before.

All characters can mingle and gather socially within the encampments. This makes the game even more exciting, as players can ease the intense gaming experience for a short while.

Utilizing the game items is nothing new. As a player, you can turn essential items into valuable facilities.

Tactical intelligence is also necessary. There’s no way you’d be able to defeat monsters and gods without gaining more strength, abilities, and resources. So you must fight your way back to Oriath.

Oriath is your home. You were exiled into Wraeclast by Dominus. And on your way, you uncovered a mystery that can save both worlds. Should you back down from this mission, then no single place is safe.

The destiny of both worlds lies in your hands. And you must face your fears and watch out for those who join forces with you.

Victory is ahead, but the vision is cut short. The absence of cross-plays has left many devastated. Players can only connect to a single game on one platform. And fans aren’t digesting the idea of exclusion.

Let’s hope Grinding Gear Games adhere to its fans’ demands. In all, the developers must ensure not to disrupt the game progress.

Will PoE New Updates Support Cross-plays and Cross-save Patch?

PoE 2 is here already. It’s kicking real hard, but you just might not feel its touch yet. This is because the developers are restrictive with information.

However, the chances of having this patch installed in subsequent updates are high. Although there is no official announcement yet, there’s a specification that the company is working towards its implementation.

Chris Wilson, a top producer of Grinding Gear Games, disclosed the game status during a Q&A session with Wccftech. When asked about the content of PoE 2, Chris plunged into excitement, and a genuine interest spring in him. He further stated that the next sequel would include a new gaming experience and features. There’ll be a PC and next-gen consoles support.

If this implementation is indeed in place, playing with friends outside your next-gem platform will emerge. Chris emphasized the developers’ uncertainty by implying that the board is looking into it.

We don’t know whether the inclusion is official for subsequent updates. The future will tell. Until then, let’s hope the company utilizes this chance to give fans what they need.

Path of Exile PC Vs. Console Version

The whole scenario isn’t so bad after all. PoE supports multiple platforms. You can choose to play it on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. What seems impossible is connecting to a single game with someone outside your platform. Aside from that, there are lots of thrills to enjoy in the gameplay.

Many gamers wish to know which gameplay feels better. Both platforms are highly reliable, but there’s a slight difference between the gameplay. The following aspects vary:


Playing on a console is smooth and fun. There are no technical-related issues. Compared to PCs, it comes out better.

PCs, on the other hand, consist of several variations. Thus, the mechanics aren’t so smooth if you’re using an old PC. If you have a poor GPU or CPU, it’s likely to encounter issues.

Playing PoE on consoles feels much better. The gameplay is entirely different. You should try it out if you haven’t.


The mechanics are another factor to consider. Unlike PC, consoles allow free migration and control. For Windows, you need to use the mouse and keyboard. Casting spells requires the same method. But it’d be challenging to cast two spells at the same time.

While PCs have some flaws, consoles work smoothly. You can pull whatever stunt you wish to.


This is where the major thrill is. It lives here. Without trading, the game is limited. PC users have the upper hand here, as they find what they need by snapping their fingers. Console users, on the other hand, load items slowly.

The PoE trading system is lively and well-equipped. Everything you need is right in the inventory section. You can tweak your build, wear your armor, and equip yourself for a feast fight.

Is Path of Exile Worth Playing in 2021?

The road to redemption is rocky and wild. PoE is following a path that brings disruption to the gaming community.

First, GGG curbed the only method to craft items. Many gamers were angry and disappointed. Still, the game has an increased player base.

PoE 2 is brimming hard with new features, new characters, new inventory, and more. Grinding Gear Games is working day in and out to eradicate every single flaw.

We should all expect a cross-play patch in PoE 2. A few months ago, the developers released the Echoes of the Atlas, Expansion. It includes the first-ever passive skill for the Atlas region and is aimed at transforming the past Leagues.


The best is yet to come. Path of Exile prevailed in tough times, and it continues to stand out among its peers. The original version is pure ace. Each character possesses magical capabilities to tear enemies into pieces. Now, imagine playing with friends irrespective of their consoles or gaming platforms.

All updates will come with embryos and prototypes that will screen players’ scrutiny. Guess what? The upcoming update will be a glimpse into the future of the gameplay. So if you want to find out if Path of Exile successors will install cross-platform support over time, stay updated.