Metro Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Metro is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter and survival horror game made by 4A Games and is based on the titular series of novels written by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky in 2005. From the span of three games to the two remastered versions of the first two games, Metro has been regarded as one of the … Read more

UFC Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC, in short, has accumulated fourteen games under their radar and they have been always a hit or miss situation with it. UFC games have moved from the arcade brawling to simulation to imitate realistic action that the sport of Mixed Martial Arts can offer, and there is one thing … Read more

Enlisted Review: Is This Game Any Good?

Enlisted is the latest game from Gaijin Entertainment, famously known for developing War Thunder. It’s a realistic WW2 infantry simulator with gameplay similar to old-school battlefield titles. You really get the feeling that you’re in a historical conflict where every life matters and every bullet counts.  But why should you play Enlisted if you’re already … Read more

Tropico Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Tropico is a game series that every strategy enthusiast must play at least once in their lives. Especially if you like parodies of global superpowers and tongue-in-cheek references to issues caused by modern politics. In the original Tropico, you play “El Presidente” who is the leader of a small Caribbean island nation. Democracy in name … Read more

Anno Games Ranked From Worst to Best

The Anno series has been producing some of the most exceptional 4X-strategy games since the 1990s. What is 4X strategy? Simply put, a subgenre of strategy that focuses on 4 key pillars- explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. By taking the initials from each of these 4 key components, you get 4X. Unlike your average RTS … Read more

Which is the Best Lost Planet Game? Find It Here!

Lost Planet is a third-person shooter game that was made by Capcom, a very popular video game developer and publisher. The game follows a lot of protagonists on a fictional planet called E.D.N III that was a process of an ice age. Our protagonists are surviving to fight the cold environment while fighting alien species … Read more

Which is the Best Gothic Game? Check Our Rankings!

Gothic is a role-playing game series with amazing action combat that was created by the Piranha Bytes developers. Since 2019, the franchise is now owned by THQ Nordic. The Gothic series occurs in a medieval world that has no name and it incorporates a fictional kingdom known as the “Kingdom of Myrtana”. Best Gothic Series … Read more

Which is the Best Risen Game? Check Our Rankings!

Risen is an action-RPG game loved by many gamers out there. It was developed by a popular studio called Piranha Bytes and got published by Deep Silver studio. There are three parts of Risen and people have mixed thoughts about each. Risen 1 was announced first, then 2 and 3 were the sequels to that … Read more

X3 Games Ranked from Worst To Best

The X series is a sci-fi space simulation game that was developed by Egosoft. The world of X sets in the X-Universe where you get to see a plethora of worlds connected to each other. Among the awesome X titles, you’ll also get to experience the X3 series that is known to be pretty underrated … Read more

Best Touhou Game For Beginners to Start With

If you’re an avid Anime fan and a part of its online community, you must’ve heard a lot about Anime games. And I’m specifically talking about the Touhou games since they’re known for being the most iconic Anime Indie games from Japan. Touhou is a pretty clever and tricky game that goes above and beyond … Read more

BlazBlue Games Ranked from Worst To Best

Arc System Works is a famous developer known for creating some of the best and attractive fighting games like Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ. These stylish fighting games are popular in Japan due to their unique fighting approach. Moreover, thanks to Steam, Arc System Works games have become even popular in the US and … Read more

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Games Ranked From Worst To Best

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is a dream come true for Gundam fans. This game series was a collaboration between Bandai Namco, Gundam Series, and Omega Force’s Warrior series. This was the first Warrior series collaboration that was seen. The main concept of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games was to create a whole new experience for the Gundam … Read more

7 MMORPGs With a Post-Apocalyptic Setting

The apocalypse is a dreary thing, the end of the world as we know it. Yet, while the thought itself seems scary, many famous works of fiction fantasize the idea. Movies like Mad Max and games like Fallout show a world clinging on to what’s left of humanity as they tumble down back to the … Read more

The 7 Best Sci-fi MMORPGs to Play and Explore

Even though sci-fi has been ever popular in movies and video games, it lacks quality MMORPG titles. Instead, most MMORPGs dwell on fantasy settings, perhaps due to the popularity of Diablo or the lack of logic required to write a fantasy tale. Believe me; it’s far easier to explain every weird, even as magic, than … Read more

9 MMO & MMORPGs That Are Highly Popular in Russia

MMORPGs as a genre is very popular in Russia; the gaming audience as a whole is primarily PC-based over there, after all. Research suggests that despite Russia’s lack of sophisticated internet networks like Japan’s or Korea’s, there’s a good chunk of people in Russia playing MMORPGs. It’s evident in the fact that most global MMORPG … Read more

10 MMORPGs That Are Highly Popular in China

Every culture has different preferences when it comes to entertainment. Every country produces various kinds of music and art that have apparent cultural ties, for example, the sudden surge of superhero movies in Hollywood or the popularity of games like Starcraft in Korea. Online MMORPGs, in general, have been gaining popularity since RuneScape, but different … Read more