Which is the Best Gothic Game? Check Our Rankings!

Gothic is a role-playing game series with amazing action combat that was created by the Piranha Bytes developers. Since 2019, the franchise is now owned by THQ Nordic. The Gothic series occurs in a medieval world that has no name and it incorporates a fictional kingdom known as the “Kingdom of Myrtana”. Best Gothic Series … Read more

Which is the Best Risen Game? Check Our Rankings!

Risen is an action-RPG game loved by many gamers out there. It was developed by a popular studio called Piranha Bytes and got published by Deep Silver studio. There are three parts of Risen and people have mixed thoughts about each. Risen 1 was announced first, then 2 and 3 were the sequels to that … Read more

X3 Games Ranked from Worst To Best

The X series is a sci-fi space simulation game that was developed by Egosoft. The world of X sets in the X-Universe where you get to see a plethora of worlds connected to each other. Among the awesome X titles, you’ll also get to experience the X3 series that is known to be pretty underrated … Read more

BlazBlue Games Ranked from Worst To Best

Arc System Works is a famous developer known for creating some of the best and attractive fighting games like Guilty Gear and Dragon Ball FighterZ. These stylish fighting games are popular in Japan due to their unique fighting approach. Moreover, thanks to Steam, Arc System Works games have become even popular in the US and … Read more

Dynasty Warriors Gundam Games Ranked From Worst To Best

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam is a dream come true for Gundam fans. This game series was a collaboration between Bandai Namco, Gundam Series, and Omega Force’s Warrior series. This was the first Warrior series collaboration that was seen. The main concept of Dynasty Warriors: Gundam games was to create a whole new experience for the Gundam … Read more

Guilty Gear Games Ranked From Worst To Best

Guilty Gear as a game series has been around since the first game launched on PlayStation in 1998. Since then, several sequels have been released and each of these sequels has received its own upgraded version. To someone who isn’t familiar with the Guilty Gear series, just reading through the names of all these games … Read more

Danganronpa Games Ranked From Worst To Best

Danganronpa was initially conceived as a dark fantasy game with adventure and detective elements mixed in. The first game is still the best-selling one to this date, establishing the basic plot and gameplay loop for all subsequent games. Which is the best Danganronpa game though? Read This: Who Survived in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair? In … Read more

Twisted Metal Games Ranked From Worst To Best

How to best describe Twisted Metal? After all, modern gamers probably haven’t heard of this IP and it’s mostly 90s/ early 2000s gamers who have fond memories of it to this day. I like to think of Twisted Metal as a car brawler, it’s essentially Mortal Kombat with vehicles. And the vehicles in Twisted Metal … Read more

Kairosoft Games Ranked From Worst To Best

Kairosoft is one of those game development companies that have been doing their own thing for over two decades now, slipping underneath the radar of “real gamers”. Think mobile gaming/ casual gaming, but before it became mainstream. These guys make simulation games for handheld consoles and mobile phones. And all of their games carry a … Read more

Suikoden Games Ranked From Worst To Best

I’ll be honest, I’m not much of a JRPG guy. While I understand the allure of famous games such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, I’ve always spent way more time in western RPGs. Think Elder Scrolls, Baldur’s Gate, Ultima, etc. However, there is one JRPG that despite being forgotten by its developer way back … Read more

Digimon Games Ranked From Worst To Best

Digimon is one of those anime that I remember watching as a kid, alongside other classics such as Transformers and Pokémon. Digimon started out in the late 90s as a series of virtual pets. Basically, little handheld electronic consoles with a “pet” loaded. You could check up on your pet, feed it to make it … Read more

Dragon Age Games Ranked From Worst To Best

Over the past 15 years, I have spent countless hours immersing myself in fictional game worlds. Blasting through hordes of covenant to rescue the universe in Halo, robbing banks and collecting bounties in Red Dead Redemption 2, slaying dragons in Skyrim- the amount of variety in gaming is limitless. However, I am not a fan … Read more

Saints Row Games Ranked From Worst To Best

Back when I was 10, I would spend several hours a day gaming on the home computer. It was a Core 2 Duo HP prebuilt with 1GB of RAM and Intel integrated graphics. Not much in the way of performance, but you could play older games on it. Like GTA San Andreas and Vice City- … Read more

Commandos Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Commandos was created by Spanish-based developer Pyro Studios and published by Eidos Interactive in its heyday. A real-time tactics video game series loosely based on historical events during the World War II era. Following the adventures of a fictional British Commandos unit, the game was known for its sabotage, stealth and guerilla combat gameplay. The … Read more

Crysis Games Ranked From Worst to Best

While the first-person shooter genre has been done to death, there are still games that show up every now and again to put a fresh spin on it. The Crysis franchise developed by a German team had the player don a “Nanosuit” which enhanced physical abilities and allowed for cloaking options to add some interesting … Read more

Avernum Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Avernum is a remake of the Exile series created by Jeff Vogel. Based on graphics alone, these games may be largely ignored by modern gamers, but was known for its gameplay mechanics and deep storytelling. That being said, the Second Trilogy did introduce a newer game engine and expanded on the story. Taking place in … Read more

AGEod Games Ranked From Worst to Best

AGEod is a company specializing in the development and publishing of PC games. The acronym used stands for Adaptive Game Engine, which is the proprietary game engine used in the development of their games, while the “od” part stands for online distribution. Founded by Philippe Thibault (designer of the Pax Romana board game) and Philippe … Read more

Infinity Engine Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Infinity Engine is a game engine originally developed by BioWare to create isometric role-playing games. It was initially developed for a prototype real time strategy game called Battleground Infinity, which eventually became the first chapter of Baldur’s Gate. Licensing the use of the Infinity Engine to Black Isle Studios, BioWare also used it in the … Read more