Sims 4: How to Find or Grow Your Own Tomatoes?

Are you looking for an in-depth guide on the uses of the tomato in Sims 4?

Look no further, for this guide will break down everything that you need to know about tomatoes in Sims 4.

How to Obtain Tomatoes?

  • Tomato seeds are found in the “Uncommon Plants” packets of seeds.
  • They are also found in gardening boxes that you get from “Oasis Springs“. To find them, just travel to the lot called the “Sandtrap Flat” in the Oasis Springs. You should be able to then find a picnic area that has a planter box with the tomato seeds in or the tomato plant itself.
  • You are also able to buy seeds from grocery stores and then travel back to your household to plant the seeds and grow your own tomato plants.
  • If you have bought and installed the DLC called “Jungle Adventure” you are given the ability to harvest your own tomatoes in an area that is known as “Selvadorada“. You should be able to find tomatoes in the garden near the cantina.
  • If you travel down the the road in Slipshod Mesquite you will find planters where you should find tomato seeds and other rare seeds. If you see no tomato seeds/plants, just hang around the area for a bit and they should respawn in.

Things You Should Know About the Tomato

Harvest timeSummer
Time to Grow24 hours

Recipes That Require Tomatoes Specifically

Garden SaladSingle $3, Family $9, Party $12
Scrambled EggsSingle $6, Family $15, Party $19
Chips and SalsaSingle $5, Family $14, Party $19
BLT/Faux BLTSingle $4, Family $12, Party $16
Spaghetti/Angry Flaming SpaghettiSingle $6, Family $19, Party $25
Chili/Vegetable ChiliSingle $10, Family $28, Party $36
Tomato Wrapped Veggie BurritoSingle $4, Family $18, Party $24
Haddock Sandwich$9
Caprese SaladSingle $4, Family $13, Party $17
Lobster Tortellini/Faux Lobster TortelliniSingle $12, Family $37, Party $48
Shish Kebabs$27

Problems Regarding Tomatoes

If no tomatoes are spawning in or respawning after you have already collected some, just restart your game or reload your save and it should fix the problem.

This is the most common way of fixing bugs and glitches in the game.

If your tomatoes do not appear to be growing, leave your lot for a while and this will trigger your household to “not be rendered” and once you return your tomatoes should start growing again.

If this does not work, remove your mods and any CC that you have installed.

We hope that this guide has helped you with something that you were wondering about or struggling with, happy gaming!