Sims 4: How to Gain the Soulmate Status?

Have you ever been interested in becoming another Sims soulmate, or have just wondered what it takes to be one in general?

Look no further, as this guide will teach you exactly what it takes to gain the soulmate status as well as what it means to be soulmates with another Sim.

What Does Being a Soulmate Mean?

Being a soulmate in Sims 4 basically means that your Sim has achieved a high level of romance or friendship with another Sim.

Once your Sim gets the soulmate status, they will also get a trait called “Companion” which unlocks special interactions with their respective partner/soulmate, such as “share burden” or “lend emotional support“.

The interactions are not anything too exciting unfortunately, but they are definitely something you can use to show off.

How Do You Get the Soulmate Status?

To be able to become soulmates with another Sim, your Sim has to reach level 75-100 of romance while simultaneously keeping your friendship bar at at least 60% or more.

Helpful Traits

Firstly, there are some traits to make the soulmate aspiration happen faster.

Family Oriented

Sims that have this trait, put more effort into a relationship and try their hardest for it to be a long term one. They also seek to have a family, which helps if you are trying to get a soulmate as well.


This builds romantic relationships much faster, as sims with this trait are capable of flirting with ease and are comfortable with romantic interactions.

Methods to Use

Treat the Sim that you are trying to become soulmates with as if it was a real person that you are interested in by using these methods.

  • Go on many dates with the Sim, even if you are both married already.
  • While you are on said date, complete the tasks that are presented to you to make your partner as happy as you possibly can.
  • Try and earn gold on three dates in a row. It may be hard to obtain, but it will definately be worth it.
  • Focus on constantly working on your friendship bar with the other Sim.
  • Do not ignore the friend bar, make sure that your Sim and the one that you want to become your soulmate stay best friends.

So in conclusion, treat the other Sim as your Sims best friend while at the same time build a romantic relationship with them.

If you do that enough, you will eventually get the Companion trait. However, I personally do not see it as worth doing due to it giving boring interactions and taking a while to achieve.

With that being said, go try and achieve it if you want! Sims is an entire sandbox made for you and you alone, my opinions will differ to yours, so play the game how you want.

We hope this guide helped you in someway to achieve what you wanted or gave you a better understanding of the topic, have fun gaming!