How Many Endings are there in Night in The Woods? Let’s Find Out!

Multiple Endings are the most popular type of story-focused video games. It helps to improve the value of replaying the game, especially in RPG and survival horror games.

Night in The Woods is one of the games that offer the ability to get multiple endings, and the game features two of them.

About Night in The Woods

Night In The Woods is a 2D adventure/exploration game with a variety of activities, characters, and secrets. 

Margaret Borowski, often known as Mae, is the main protagonist and player character in Night in the Woods. Mae returns to her hometown, Possum Springs after dropping out of college and settling with her parents again.

You control Mae, who can run, jump, and learn new mechanics to explore Possum Springs.

Explore, chat and observe are the key actions according to Benson, while Holowka defined their approach as “narrative-focused” rather than “gameplay-first.”

Players make choices that affect the story’s outcome. It’s more than just who you like spending time with because you’ll get to experience the ending of the person you spent most of your time in the game.

Night in The Woods Plot

Margaret, known as Mae, is 20 years old. After Mae dropped out of college, she returns to Possum Springs, which is her hometown that has been ruined by coal mine closures and a weak economy.

She reunites with her old friends Bea, Gregg, and Angus.

Mae then discovers that Casey, another old friend of hers, has strangely disappeared.

Mae spends her days at Possum Springs hanging out with her friends, but she also starts having unusual and strange dreams. Her mental health is progressively deteriorating with each of her dreams.

Mae witnessed a teenager being kidnapped by a mystery person at the town’s Halloween event, which she believes is a ghost. So, the four friends get together to find out what’s going on. 

After a long search, the four come upon a mysterious group of hooded people chasing them through the woods; Mae faints, while her friends manage to flee.

After being saved by church members, Mae finally wakes up and goes to her friends, revealing that she dropped out because of her increasing dissociation from the world and people.

They decide to enter the old mines and meet the mysterious group, which turns out to be a cult that has been responsible for the kidnappings of several citizens, including Casey. 

They take those who they consider useless to society into the mines to sacrifice them to a god-like entity known as the Black Goat in the hopes of revitalizing the economy of Possum Springs.

The cult’s leader lets Mae and her friends go, ordering them not to tell anybody about the cult.

As they depart on the mine’s elevator, a member of the group shows up out of nowhere and strikes Mae. The others save her, and the elevator breaks, locking the cult beneath and wrecking the mine.

Mae meets up with either Bea or Gregg the next day, based on who the player interacted with the most during the game, to discuss the events of the previous night and all that has occurred in Possum Springs.

Soon after, the others arrive. Mae assures them that, while they will all be forced to mature and learn how to live life as it unfolds, for better or worse, they can still enjoy their time together now.

The game comes to an end when the four decide to put their troubles aside for the time being and go to band practice.

Night in The Woods Endings

As mentioned before, the game-ending depends on which character you hang out with the most, either Bea or Gregg. 

To get Gregg ending: 

  • You must hang out with Gregg until the final band practice.
  • When you arrive at the place, you will be greeted by Gregg. You’ll start a discussion, but you’ll have the choice of telling Casey’s parents of her death.
  • Mae will also ask Gregg if she may join him and Angus in Bright Harbor. He respectfully declines but says she is happy to visit at any moment.
  • Angus and then Bea will arrive after the chat.

To get Bea ending:

  • You must hang out with Bea until the final band practice.
  • Bea will accompany you to the place. Casey Hartley’s death will be stated, and the player will be given a choice of telling Casey’s parents of his death.
  • Mae proposes that they take a road trip to get out of Possum Springs for a bit, assuring Bea that she’s home enough. She also assured Bea that an event of derealization wouldn’t happen if they stayed together on the road. 
  • Angus and Gregg would walk in after the chat and harass Bea and Mae.
  • Angus will say that he and Gregg haven’t been “insulted in forever” if the player decides to respond to them.