Jealousy in Sims 4: How Does It Occur & How to Stop It?

Want to help your Sim live the best life and not be consumed by negative emotions, namely jealousy?

Look not further, for this guide will show you how to make your Sim ignore signs of jealousy.

How Does Jealousy in Sims 4 Occur?

To not get jealous in Sims 4, we first need to understand how your Sim gets jealous in the game and then try and prevent those things from happening.

Sims often get jealous if they think that their partner is unfaithful or if their love is not shared with their partner.

If your Sim is jealous, they will get an anger moodlet and will seek to fight or become very mean to different Sims depending solely on their chosen traits.

If your Sim starts to do these mentioned actions, it will effect its relationship with its partner very negatively and will vastly degrade it.

If the partner of your Sim starts cheating on your Sim, your Sim will get angry at your partner as well as the other Sim that your partner is cheating on you with.

The interesting part about this is that your Sim can become jealous of another Sim even if they are not in a relationship together and it will cause your Sim to get enraged.

Keep in mind that even if your partner is not the one that is starting the flirting with another Sim, your Sim will still become jealous.

It is also quite obvious that if you chose to give your Sim the “jealous” trait, jealousy will occur at a more frequent rate than those without the trait.

In fact, it also gives them more scenarios to get jealous in, such as not seeing their partner for a period of time.

How to Stop Being Jealous?

  • If you complete the “Serial Romantic” aspiration, you will obtain the Player trait. With this trait, your Sim will no longer get jealous if its partner engages in romantic conversations or flirts with another Sim.
  • You can also get the MCCC (Story Progression Mod) in which you will find options to remove jealousy from specific Sims if you so wish. There are many guides on how to use the mod on both Reddit and YouTube.
  • A Noncommittal Sim usually does not get jealous, however it can still occur and will break up with their partner as soon as they start getting jealous.
  • Make sure that your Sim remains faithful to their partner and make sure that their partner is faithful to your Sim. Your Sims can’t get jealous if there’re no issues.
  • Avoid other Sims that are interested in either you or your partner and if they approach you, try to leave the conversation as soon as you can to avoid them trying to flirt with you and your partner noticing.
  • Do not select the “Jealous” trait so that you will not get worked up and worry as much as you would if you had chosen the trait, because it just makes you more jealous, which is implied by the name of the trait.

We hope that this guide has helped you in some way or form, have fun gaming!