How to Hire a Nanny in Sims 4? All You Need to Know

Have you got no time to watch over your Sims children or just need to get a bit of a retreat from home without the kids?

This guide will show you how to hire a nanny so that your Sims can get some peace and quiet.

What Does a Nanny Do?

Nannies fall under “service NPC’s“. They will look after your Sims children when they are not around to look after them.

They will do everything that the parents would do, such as feed them, help them develop their skills, bathe the children and change their dirty diapers.

Other than looking after the children they also tend to things around the house, such as making your Sims beds, doing all the dishes and much more.

They also can cook meals and tidy everything around the house for your Sim.

Is It Possible to Hire a Full-Time Nanny?

It is not possible for your Sim to hire a full-time nanny in Sims 4.

This is because you should be solely responsible for developing your Sims children’s skills by yourself and without the help of anyone else.

That is why the nanny is only seen as a friend to the child and not a parent who can help develop their skills. There are mods available that reverses this feature however.

How to Hire the Nanny?

In order for you to be able to hire a nanny in Sims 4, you are going to need to click on the phone, choose “Hire and Service” option then go click on the “Career and Household” option and finally click on the “nanny” option.

Now, whenever your Sim leaves the household, you will receive a notification asking you to send the baby or toddler to daycare or hire a babysitter.

In previous versions of the game you had to pay an hourly fee in order for you to hire a nanny, but in Sims 4 the nanny is free to hire.

Issues With the Nanny

  • The nanny sometimes does not show up, even if both your Sim and their partner leave the house with their children there at the household alone. This bug hardly occurs and will fix itself if you return to the house and then call the nanny again before you leave.
  • Be careful not to have too many objects in specific rooms that your children need to operate in, otherwise the nanny could get stuck or will not be able to get where she needs to go.
  • If you call a nanny and she does not show up, try calling her a second time. If she still refuses to show up, then just save and reload your game. If that still does not work, restart your game and it should fix the issue.
  • If the nanny is just standing around and not doing anything, just dismiss her and recall her again over the phone.

We hope that this guide has helped you in some way or has given you an understanding of how you can hire a nanny. Enjoy your gaming!