How To Get Angry in Sims 4? 6 Ways to Do It!

Looking to make your Sim overflow with anger? Look no further, for this guide will show you exactly how to do that!

There are 6 main methods you can go about making your Sim angry;

Method 1: Lose an Argument

This is the most straight forward step you could take and will make your Sim both angry and sad.

Be aware that this could harm the reputation that you have with other Sims as well.

Method 2: Drop Your Happy Moodlet

Make sure that your Sim does the opposite of what he/she likes doing, an example is if your Sim likes the outdoors, keep him/her inside the house.

Avoid doing things that raise the happy moodlets from a low level and try keeping it at a low level.

Method 3: View a Negative Painting

Find a few paintings in the game that make your Sim angry and decorate an empty room in build mode with many of them.

The time that it takes for your Sim to get angry from this method varies from seconds to minutes, however it is rare that it will take longer than a few seconds.

You could use this method alongside method 2 to decrease the happy moodlets at a faster rate than if you were just doing this method alone.

Method 4: Take a Selfie While Your Sim is Angry

When you eventually get your Sim angry using the other methods mentioned, you can take a selfie of your Sim and use it later on.

All you need to do is look at the selfie when your Sim is in any mood and it will make him/her angry. You could also try looking at other Sims’ angry photos.

Method 5: Get a Specific Potion

You have to have the “Get to WorkDLC ( $ 42,44 ) in order to be able to use this method. Once you have it, you can ask the scientists to make a special potion for your Sim so that they can get angry.

Method 6: Remove Decor From a Room

The way Sims 4 works, is that if you have a room filled with nice decorations, it will increase their happy moodlet.

To reverse this effect, you can take them to an area with very little decorations. There is a method that many players use, where they take their Sim to the gym, but do not enter.

They instead make it stay outside and stare at the wall, which lowers the happy moodlet.

Other not as effective, but working methods that you can use include:                 

  • When a Sim that is seen as “Good” gets grounded
  • Having a partner cheat on your Sim
  • Your Sim losing a game, such as basketball, or several games
  • Having noisy neighbors

All these methods mentioned work, some more quickly than others, so just keep doing what is stated in this guide and you will get your Sim seething with anger in no time.

 We hope this guide helped you with what you needed. Have fun gaming!