Sims 4: How to Find Aliens in Disguise?

Have you ever felt paranoid in Sims 4 that not everyone that you see in the game are actually who they appear to be?

This guide will help you expose the aliens that are hiding amongst your Sims.

Note that you will need the “Get to Work” DLC pack in order for you to have anything mentioned in this guide available to you.

To be able to find aliens in Sims 4, we will first need to understand their origins and abilities.

Origin of Aliens

The aliens in Sims 4 originate from a planet called ‘Sixam‘.

You are able to get to this planet by either travelling through a wormhole via a rocket or by getting to at least level 10 Scientist Career in which you can then upgrade the wormhole so that you do not need a rocket anymore.

Aliens will be found both on Sixam and roaming around your neighbourhood in disguise.

If your Sim is a male and he gets abducted by aliens, he will be returned pregnant with an alien baby.

This baby will become a part of your family and will grow into a full adult alien with the same lifespan as normal Sims.

This however is not a pure alien, if you want a pure alien you will need to breed 2 impure aliens and hope that you get lucky.

You will know if an alien is pure or not if they have hair (impure) or are not capable of using their powers (also impure).

Abilities of Aliens

  • Aliens are able to bring back dead alien collectibles from the dead. All you have to do is put the collectible somewhere on the ground near the alien and they should resurrect it.
  • They can erase a Sims memory of the alien in terms of relationship with said alien. Once this occurs, the Sim will be given the “Dazed” moodlet for a while.
  • Aliens are capable of transmuting crystals, elements and metals. Click on any crystal, metal or element and your alien will transmute it if you choose the option to do so. Keep in mind that results are RNG and will be at random.
  • They are able to influence the emotion that a Sim is feeling by adding an extra +1 to whatever emotion is being felt by the Sim at that point in time.
  • They are able to reveal and identify the traits of a chosen Sim.
  • They have the ability to disguise themselves as normal Sims at will.

How to Find Disguised Aliens?

  • Try get the suspected Sim into a very intense mood and if they start glowing, it means that they are an alien.
  • If you try woohoo with a suspected Sim and it gives a popup stating that you are trying to attempt to woohoo with an alien.
  • You can attempt to ask for the suspected Sims DNA so that you can analyze it.
  • You can use the satellite that is created when you are in the scientist career option (you will need the upgrade that you get later in the career) to scan the town for any suspected aliens.

We hope that this guide has helped you learn something new about our special guests living among us, have fun gaming!