Sims 4: How Are Bills Calculated?

Do you have the feeling that you are being taxed too much or just wondering how bills in the Sims 4 work?

This guide will break down how the bills in Sims 4 work so that you can see why you are getting billed the amount that you are.

What is a Bill in Sims 4?

Bills are letters requesting payment that arrive once a week to your mailbox.

You can pay these bills once you are at least a teen by either cellphone, mailbox or a computer. If you do not pay these expenses, it will affect your Sim negatively.

How Your Bills Are Calculated?

  • The prices on your bills will be determined by the total value of your lot as well as your Sims inventory.
  • If you were unable to pay for something before, it also adds up on the bill and increases the expense.
  • If you own the “City Living” DLC and are staying in some sort of apartment, then you will have to pay rent that is included in the bill.
  • Bills are also based on how expensive your items in your house are worth, so more expensive items that you own means that you will have to end up paying more on your bill than if you had cheaper items.
  • If you have the “Discover University” DLC installed, then your Sim will be billed for a student loan if they want to study.

What If You Do Not Pay Your Bills?

  • If you are living in an apartment or penthouse and do not pay within a certain time frame, items will be collected from your home that have similar value to your loan.
  • After 48 hours of not paying your bill, your electricity will be switched off and you will not be able to use any electrical appliances.
  • Another 48 hours after you were supposed to pay your bill (96 hrs), your water will be switched off, meaning that you will not be able to bath, shower or flush the toilet.

How To Reduce the Amount on Bills?

  • You can purchase the “Frugal” trait from the aspiration reward stone that reduces the expenses by 25%, this effect stacks if you have multiple Sims with the same trait.
  • You can purchase the “Off-the-Grid” lot trait which will reduce the lot expenses by 25%. Keep in mind that water and power will not work until your household generates its own utilities.
  • There are rare occurences where you are only billed one Simoleon despite having expensive items or not.

Bills were apparently made harder to pay in Sims 4 so that the game felt more challenging, according to a developer of the game.

This will give players a sense of needing to work in order to sustain themselves and their homes and will give them a feeling of accomplishment if they manage to pay off the bill every single time.

We hope that this guide has help you with understanding the topic at hand, enjoy your gaming!