Is Battlefront 2 Dead? Really?? Let’s Find Out!

The fourth main installment in the Star Wars: Battlefront Series has been around since 2017. You can be a defender rushing through action all across the universe fighting in third-person shooter action. Choose a side between two army factions and jump into the fun.

But what if you can’t even start a match because no one is playing the game? Would it still be worth it and enjoyable? Is Battlefront 2 dead? If you’re wondering about these questions, then you are at the right place.

Is Battlefront 2 a Dead Game?

Battlefront 2 is not totally dead, but it is dying. If you browse through fandoms and forums and read through player reviews, you will see that one of the biggest complaints is the very long waiting time for a game and the shortage of available players to play with.

Some players even complain about not being able to start a game at all, even co-op.

Though there are a lot of determining factors like server, time, platform, and game mode, a good game shouldn’t be having as much trouble in queuing players up like Battlefront 2.

So what are the possible reasons behind the game’s downfall?

Why is Battlefront 2 dying?

Here are the main and probable causes to blame for the declining player count of Battlefront 2.

1. No longer supported by developers

Because of a lot of controversies and issues that the developers struggled really hard to fix, a lot of players have chosen to abandon the game.

The game faced a lot of pressure especially since its predecessors left a lot to improve. Battlefront 2 itself isn’t perfect with many issues that arose.

But because the developers did everything they can, the game delivered quite well and all problems regarding the gameplay were solved.

That’s another reason why the devs stopped giving the game support, because there is nothing left to fix.

More importantly they have set their sights on something greater and the damage done by the issues in microtransactions left behind only a few players still dedicated to the game.

2. Pay to Win

DICE did a really nice job of fusing together the world of Star Wars in a shooter game, however their game model didn’t really prove to the players’ liking. 

It was enveloped with controversy because of the game’s overly aggressive use of microtransactions and loot boxes which ultimately made it a pay to win game.

The gameplay itself is pretty decent, but in order to progress the devs really encourage you to spend real cash. It was so bad that EA decided to remove all microtransactions from the game.

Though they try to make up for it with cosmetic gifts and upgrades, things go terribly wrong when money affects the gameplay, especially the multiplayer experience of an online game. This left Battlefront 2 in a pretty bad spot.

3. New Game!

As we mentioned earlier, the developers have stopped putting more effort and content to Battlefront 2 and focused their attention on something new.

In fact, DICE took the entire team dedicated to Battlefront 2 and Battlefield 5 to put all hands on deck on a new project.

With no more content and support for the game, we can only expect less players. But on the bright side, they released their new game Battlefield 6 last November 2021.

How can I still play Battlefront 2?

Even if the game is having less players, don’t say goodbye to Battlefront 2 just yet. There are still players who genuinely love the game, and if you’re one of them you can still enjoy the Star Wars shooter today.

All you have to do is to figure out which regions have more players and the peak time so that you can have an easier time finding matches.

There are many players, from SEA and others, that say that they can still find matches without any trouble. So a little effort and you can still play this game.


In the end, Battlefront 2 is not totally dead. Even though it has less players over the years, the game is still making sales and there are still people playing it.

Also, most diehard Star Wars fans would always find a way to live their dream, even if it’s out of this world.