Is Pyke Black or Green? Know More About this Character from LoL!

Pyke, the Bloodharbor Ripper. One of the things that make League of Legends Champions as exciting as they are is their intriguing lore and design.

The way that each character is made is nothing short of magnificent. Amazing would be an understatement to describe the design and cohesiveness of these champions.

Because of their interesting backgrounds, a lot of confusing questions arise. Now, we have Pyke in the spotlight.

Does Pyke have a Black Ethnicity?

Yes. Pyke is Black. Though he may appear greener than usual in the map or in some of his artworks, it is actually because he is underwater.

This is what causes some people to think that Pyke has a different color or unique ethnicity. But the short answer to that question is… Pyke is black.

To get an even better grasp of where Pyke is, let’s dive a little deeper into his lore.

Who is Pyke?

Pyke grew up in Bilgewater- a city known for hunting monsters.

As a youth he took the path which most people in Bilgewater went down to- the slaughter docks.

Pyke earned his daily bread by butchering the monsters that is brought to the waterfront in Bloodharbor which got its name because of the unwashable red slick on its wooden slips.

Now Pyke sees how much his captain and crew receives in exchange for the carcass they worked so hard on and this ignited a fire of discontent in Pyke’s heart.

Unsatisfied with the crappy change he’s getting, Pyke decided to go for more than just carcass from dead creatures.

How does Pyke fight?

Pyke practices the traditional Serpent Isles hunting technique. He uses a harpoon and he launches himself at his targets to secure tow-hooks using his bare hands.

Pyke uses this hunting method to butcher monsters, and later his enemies alive. This fighting style is what we see in the game as Pyke’s attacks and abilities.

How did Pyke become a monster?

After learning how much more he can make compared to the pocket change he is getting, Pyke talked his way into a ship’s crew.

Daunting meat and carcasses is nothing compared to getting the highly demanded organs from larger monsters especially the most desired Jaul-fish.

It is said that the giant fish’s organs cost a fortune, especially the glowing blue oil processed from its razor-toothed maw’s sapphilite sacs.

Searching for the fish that could change their lives, Pyke’s crew went to sea. Days into their voyage, a jaul-fish breached, and the harpooners immediately determine it as the biggest and oldest they have ever seen.

As sapphilite sacs from its maw shone brightly, Pyke dived inside its mouth without any hesitation.

But when the tides have turned putting the crew’s life in danger, the captain cowardly cuts Pyke’s lifeline and flees, leaving Pyke to die in the abyss of the jaul-fish’s mouth.

Unfortunately for them Pyke lived. He came to his senses inside the fish’s mouth and the sapphilite sacs were like eyes that stared at Pyke.

His time inside the jaul-fish put a new hunger on Pyke. His discontent turned into vengeance and haste and this  became his new reason to fight after leaving the monster’s mouth.

Later on, Bilgewater found itself in a series of killings but no one really seemed to care given how dangerous the place is. But this went on for weeks, months, and a pattern was formed.

Captains, caulkers, bankers, were murdered and this striked fear into the hearts of many leading them to put a huge bounty on the Bloodharbor Ripper’s head.

Ironically, the city that was known for hunting monsters is now being hunted by one.


Pyke’s color is as confusing as his life. He is one of the champions whose appearance tells a lot about them.

Pyke’s black color gives us a peak of how dark his story is.

Nevertheless, Pyke can surely brighten up your standing in the ladder and performance in the league if you know what to do with him.

Plus his gameplay and mechanics are as exciting as his lore. So if you’re into all that, definitely try picking the Bloodharbor Ripper.