How To Steal in Sims 4? Everything You Need to Know

Ever wanted to tap into your inner thief and steal things from your neighbors in Sims 4? This guide will show you exactly what you need to do it and how you can go about doing it.

What You Will Need

For you to be able to steal objects does not require as much as you would expect.

You will only need to have the “Kleptomaniac” trait, which will give you extra options when it comes to other Sims property in order to steal as well as needing to level up your Mischief level to at least level 2 to start stealing small objects.

Steps To Take in Order To Steal

Step 1:  Go to a Sims house or go to any public place after it is already dark.

Step 2:  Click on the object that you want to steal.

Step 3:  Select the option “Swipe Something“.

Step 4:  Your Sim will attempt to steal that object or a different one nearby.

Things That Will Restrict You From Stealing

  • You cannot steal items that are labelled as necessary to life.
  • You cannot steal items that would leave a venue incomplete or create complications to the venue.
  • You cannot steal a surface if it has something laying on top of it.
  • You cannot steal anything successfully if another Sim is watching you or can see you in the area. This includes babies too (If the Sim catches you stealing, you will get the “Caught in the Act” embarrassing moodlet).

Tips and Tricks to Remember

  • You are only able to steal 3 items per night.
  • You can steal art, this even includes the graffiti tags.
  • You can steal all Sim-portable objects. As long as your Sim can carry it, they can steal it.
  • Expensive TVs, computers, paintings, musical instruments and large sculptures will bring you a lot of money if you prioritize stealing them.
  • Your Sim can live off of stealing if you sell the items that you stole to other Sims for some Simoleons in return.
  • Start off stealing smaller objects and gain experience doing so until you are capable of stealing bigger and more expensive objects.
  • If you have the Eco Lifestyle DLC installed, non-kleptomaniac Sims can only steal if the “Sharing is Caring” NAP is activated. It basically encourages stealing without any repercussions by turning the whole neighborhood into Kleptomaniacs. You cannot do anything if other Sims attempt to steal from you (unless you build fences and lock your doors to prevent them from entering), but you can always go around and steal stuff from them too.
  • If you successfully steal something, you will be given “Exhilarating Steal” moodlet that acts as an energizer which lasts anywhere from a couple of hours to several hours.
  • You cannot swipe again until one of your moodlets has worn off (either the “Exhilarating Steal” or the “Caught in the Act”)

We hope that this guide helped you to become a master thief in Sims 4! Goodluck and have fun gaming!