How Did Edward Kenway Die? Everything You Need to Know!

Edward James Kenway was the central protagonist of ‘Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’ – the sixth game in the Assassin’s Creed franchise. He is also mentioned posthumously in ‘Assassin’s Creed III’, ‘Assassin’s Creed Rogue’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’.

Kenway does indeed sadly die, in 1735. He is killed by assassins sent by the Grand Master of the British Rite of Templars, Reginald Birch.

Who Was Edward Kenway?

Edward Kenway was a renowned pirate – though he didn’t start off that way. 

Born in 1693 in Swansea, Wales, he was a son to father Bernard Kenway and mother Linette Kenway. He led a tumultuous childhood and youth, consistently getting into trouble, and at a young age he met Caroline Scott, a wealthy socialite.

The two fell in love and married in 1712 (much to the dismay of Caroline’s father!). Caroline was disowned from her family as a result of her marriage, and the young newlyweds were catapulted into a life of struggle and little wealth.

Kenway left Caroline to seek their fortune at sea, and boarded the ship the ‘Emperor’, presided over by Captain Alexander Dolzell. Kenway had a volatile relationship with fellow sailor Blaney, who disliked Kenway for his lack of fearful respect and his good relationship with the Captain.

Kenway and Dolzell captured a British merchant ship, the ‘Amazon Galley’. Infuriated, Blaney mutinied against his captain and crew and tried to murder Kenway.

Edward Thatch (also known as the infamous pirate ‘Blackbeard’) boarded the ‘Amazon Galley’ and Thatch shot Blaney, killing him and thus aiding in saving Kenway (much to Kenway’s relief, I’ll bet!).

Thatch recruited Kenway, and Kenway joined his crew, learning there how to sword fight and use a firearm.

At this point, British privateers were banned in the West Indies, so Kenway fully committed himself to piracy and subsequently joined the crew of the pirate ship ‘Jacobite’.

What Did Edward Kenway Do As A Pirate?

Kenway became a true-and-true pirate: attacking ships, double-crossing people and generally causing havoc.

During this time, Thatcher found himself marooned on Isla Providencia (an island located in the West Indies) with an English pirate captain, Charles Vane.

Kenway was forced to fight Vane after Vane lost himself to insanity, and in the aftermath of his win Kenway managed to leave the island by sneaking aboard a ship.

He returned to Great Inagua, an island in the Bahamas. There, he found fellow pirates Mary Read and Adéwalé waiting for him.

What Was Edward Kenway Like?

As a youth, Kenway was courageous but reckless. He was preoccupied with the idea of fame and glory, and this obsession would follow him into his adulthood and no doubt play a key part in his eagerness to seek infamy in piracy.

The Assassins and Templars both had a keen interest in Kenway, but he remained steadfast in his mission to gain infamy, power and wealth. He took any opportunity he could to further these goals, and only began to openly reconsider this behavior when many of his friends distanced themselves from him.

What Were Edward Kenway’s Powers and Abilities?

Kenway was a veteran pirate, with powers and abilities to match. 

He had eagle-vision and was known to be a master assassin, which proved useful in his pirating. He was also in peak human condition – having extreme strength, mobility and reflexes, stamina, metabolism and durability.

His significant metabolism was particularly impressive – in one instance, he recovered not only from being stabbed in the stomach, but from the poisons that the blade was dipped in. A pretty spectacular feat!

As would be expected from a master pirate, Kenway was proficient in sword fighting and general blade use. In addition to these melee skills, he also was a legend in marksmanship: easily able to hit his unlucky targets from a great distance away.

And of course, Kenway was an expert sailor. I think that goes without saying!

Who Did Edward Kenway Have As A Family?

Most likely due to his violent lifestyle, Kenway’s family tree had many deceased family members.

His mother and father both died, alongside Caroline Scott-Kenway (his first wife), Tessa Kenway(his second wife), Jennifer Scott (his daughter), Haytham Kenway (his son), and Desmond Miles (his descendant).

Some members did manage to survive though, such as Ratonhnhaké:ton/Connor Kenway (his great-grandson), Io:nhiòte (his great-granddaughter), William Miles (his descendant), Elijah (his descendant), Emmet Scott (Caroline Scott’s father and Kenway’s former father-in-law), and Elizabeth Scott (Caroline Scott’s mother and Kenway’s former mother-in-law).

How Did Edward Kenway Die?

After his pirating and travels, Kenway was reunited with his daughter, Jennifer Scott.

He, his daughter and his new wife Tessa Kenway lived happily in the city, and the couple bore a son, Haytham Kenway.

While Haytham was still a young boy, Kenway met a man, Robert Birch.

Robert would become a significant visitor and family friend of the Kenways, and made several attempts to court Jennifer. 

At this time, there was a war happening between the Assassins and the Templars. After Jennifer learned of Robert’s association with the Templars (with her own family being associated with the Assassins), she rejected him and brought the news to Kenway.

Birch was furious, and on December 3, 1375, he sent agents to the Kenway home. They kidnapped Jennifer, and when Kenway tried to confront them and protect his family, he was killed by a stab to the chest.