Which is the Best Fishing Rod in Minecraft? Let’s Analyze!

Minecraft is all about creativity and survival and what is a survival game without what is probably the most ancient way that people did to survive- fishing?

In this blocky world, you can get a stick and turn it into something that would keep you from dying from hunger.

A fishing rod is one of the awesome elements and items you can find in the game.

It combines the thrilling world and the peaceful art of fishing into one, making a wonderful piece of equipment. So what is the best fishing rod in Minecraft?

What is the best fishing rod in Minecraft?

The short answer is the Unbreaking Fishing Rod. But there’s actually more to it than that and before we can answer that question clearly let us get to know the fishing rod a bit better.

What are fishing rod enchantments?

A fishing rod is a fairly simple tool. Now take that simple fishing rod and add in the magical element of Minecraft and you have something that is ingenious, fun, and extremely useful for survival.

Especially when you can add enchantments. Imagine something that is only used for catching fish being used to fish for treasure.

That’s how magical fishing rods are in Minecraft with their enchantments.

Basically enchantments add a special ability to your fishing rod and each enchantment has a name and ID value assigned to it.

Different enchantments serve different purposes, which is why the best fishing rod is a matter of preference and need.

So let’s take a look at the different fishing rod enchantments in Minecraft.

Luck of the Sea

This enchantment is for those of you who want to spend most of their time at sea.

Having this fishing rod is extremely valuable since it offers a 6% chance of getting treasures from your catch once you max it out.

To put that into perspective, fishing 15 times guarantees you a 90% chance of getting one treasure.

The rewards from fishing with Luck of the Sea can vary from saddles, bows, and another enchanted fishing rod if you’re lucky.

All kinds of stuff can be yours especially if you are quite the seaman. The max level for Lure of the Sea is III and it requires work but it will all be worth it.

Curse of The Vanishing

Next, let’s get one fishing rod out of the way. Instead of making your life easier and giving you more chances at winning, the Curse of the Vanishing is exactly what it sounds like, a curse.

This fishing rod can be commonly seen used in PvP and Creative but never in Survival because this rod would immediately vanish after you die.

If you want to take it to the next level and make the game harder than it already is, then go for this enchantment.

The Curse of the Vanishing is for those players who want to experience something more challenging. It has a max level of I.


This is basically an upgraded fishing rod.

With the lure enchantment you can catch fish way faster.

It increases the chances of fish biting your hook greatly decreasing the catch time.

In fact, if you max out this enchantment to level III, you can instantly catch a fish in one second upon casting your rod over water.

 In a fast-paced survival game, the faster you can fish the longer you will last.

But imagine having a fishing rod like that in real life. It’s the complete opposite of the cursed fishing rod.


This next enchantment is a general one which you could apply on items other than your fishing rod.

Mending is usable as an upgrade for wearable, utilities, and items.

It allows the enchanted item to absorb exp orgbs you get to restore its durability gauge which makes it best for armors and weapons.

Although this is quite a useful enchantment to have, it would be a waste to use it on your fishing rod when it can be utilized better on your wearable utilities.

Plus there is a better alternative that would serve the same purpose but won’t cost you as much.


If you’re someone who’s like most players who spend more time on land than on water, then you would prefer a more durable, trusty, and reliable fishing rod that would last longer over one with crazy upgrades.

This is where the Unbreaking enchantment really shines, it gives your fishing rod a chance of not losing durability points whenever it is used.

If you upgrade this enchantment all the way to level III you can have a fishing rod that is literally unbreaking.

This is why this is the most used enchantment for a fishing rod according to the Minecraft fandom wiki.

It is arguably the best enchantment for survival based on its benefits and number of players who use it.

Which is really the best enchantment?

Again, this depends. But for the most part, if you want to play survival on Minecraft, the Unbreaking enchantment would be the best one for your fishing rod.

If you want to win something fast-paced like Hardcore, and want the most yield and catch possible, go with the Lure enchantment.

If you want to spend less time looking for treasure by catching them song with your fish, which is hitting two birds with one stone, go for the Luck of the Sea.

If you want to make your life harder and more challenging, take the Curse of the Vanishing.

Each of these enchantments have their own uses and advantages but they also have drawbacks as well.

The Unbreaking enchantment shows the best balance between all of them for the survival game mode.


Enchantments are very important in Minecraft.

Considering that the fishing rod is a very useful tool, choosing which one to go with is crucial in surviving Minecraft.

So go out there, choose the best fishing rod for you, and fish better than a pro!