My Homework Disappeared in Sims 4: How to Get it Back?

According to many players, they are having a problem where their Sims’ homework is disappearing, which would be fantastic to happen in real life!

This guide will show you how to fix this common issue so that your Sim can go back to doing their homework.

Method 1

The common mistake that many players make is that they do not look around the house hard enough.

Your Sim may have placed the homework or books down somewhere and you just have not seen it yet.

Look around your house as best as you can and see if you can find it just laying on a table somewhere where you have not looked.

Method 2

Open your Sims inventory and check it.

The homework may have been picked up by another Sim and is now just sitting there in their inventory.

Many players have stated that they have found this as a common fix and have found all their homework in other Sims’ inventories.

Method 3

If you are playing the DLC called “Sims 4 Discover University” and you are having the issue where your Sims homework is not anyway, you are given the ability to buy homework from a bookshelf.

Alternatively, if your Sim is staying on a campus or just visiting, they are able to buy their homework from the campus kiosk.

For lower level schooling for younger children, you are able to buy homework from the bookcase for 1 Simoleon. The homework should be under the “Go to childrens section” option that pops up.

Remember that any adults that are buying homework for their children will have to place the homework on a table for the child to pick up once they have bought it for them.

Adults are also given the ability to order books online on their computers if they wish.

Method 4

When moving your Sim into a new household, it is a common issue that a part of your furniture may glitch in the process.

Your bookcases may glitch during the process of moving from one household to another and will prevent your child from doing any homework.

To fix this, just delete or sell the faulty bookcases, then buy new ones and place them down and this should resolve the issue.

There are also occurences where if your bookcases are stolen and returned, they will also for some reason become glitched.

You can fix this by using the same method mentioned above.

Method 5

This issue may be for some reason cause by your household that you are currently living in.

As a last resort, you can leave your household and just go live in another one and see if that fixes the issue.

If the problem is fixed by moving households, you can attempt to move back into your previous house and see if moving fixed the problem.

We hope that this guide has helped you fix the issue that you were dealing with and are now able to go back to doing your homework, happy gaming!