Sim Won’t Go To Work in Sims 4: How to Fix It?

Having trouble sending your Sim to work? The issue is not that your Sim is lazy, but more than likely one or another glitch in the game that is occurring.

This guide will teach you how you can fix that problem and go back to work to get paid!

Please note, move onto another method below if the one above it does not work for you.

Everyone may be experiencing the same problem, but will more than likely have different ways of fixing it.

Method 1: Restart Your Game

The most simple attempt to fix any error in Sims 4 is to just restart your game. Exit and re-enter your game and see if you are not able to send your Sim to work. Here’s what you can do if your sim is stuck at work.

Method 2: Change Your Sims Outfit

There is a common issue that sometimes occurs where the outfit save file becomes corrupt and prevents you from performing many tasks, going to work included.

You can fix the problem by simply changing your Sims outfit.

Go to your dresser and choose a new work outfit. If you do not want this issue to reoccur in the future or if this fix is not working, delete the old corrupted outfit files.

Method 3: Move into a Different Lot

Move your Sim from their current lot to a new one and then test to see if you can go to work from there.

If it works, you can attempt to return to your previous lot because it is possible that the issue is now fixed.

It is however best to stay at the new lot because moving between the new lot and the broken, older one may carry over the same problems to the new lot.

Method 4: Leave and Return to Your Work

You can attempt to leave your job and then later on become hired by it again.

By doing this, you are in a way resetting your Sims status and could be a fix for you.

Just keep in mind that you will start over in your job again as if you were a new employee, because you now basically are.

Method 5: Repair Your Game Files

If you’re on either Steam or Origin, you can choose to repair any broken or corrupted game files. If you choose the option, it will automatically do it for you.

Method 6: Attempt to Reset the Broken Sim

See this as the last option that you are willing to take to fix the issue.

You can reset your Sim by holding in CTRL + Shift and C in order to open the cheats window.

You are then required to type in “resetSim Firstname Lastname” and then you can press enter and your Sim should be reset.

As stated in the beginning of this guide, you will have to find the method that works for you, because everyone has their own way of fixing this issue. So keep trying and you will eventually fix it.

We hope that this guide has helped you solve and fix the problem at hand and are now able to play again, happy gaming!