Subnautica: Do Resources Respawn? Learn in Detail!

Subnautica puts you in the shoes, uhm no…It puts you in the fins of the architects and allows you to explore an uncharted alien ocean.

It is a game where you must use your wits, creativity, and survival skills in order to survive the unknown depths of the Planet 4546B.

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With all the survival games out there focusing on land, we finally have a great survival game which showcases the wonders of the sea.

Not just any sea, one that is on an alien planet filled with mysterious creatures.

Just like any survival game, managing your resources in Subnautica wisely is a must if you want to survive in a harsh environment.

Have you been wondering why some resources are harder to gather? Do you want to know if these resources can be collected again? Do resources respawn in Subnautica? 

If you want to learn the answers to these questions, read further.

Do Resources Respawn in Subnautica?

Most of the resources in Subnautica DO NOT respawn naturally.

Not every resource is the same abundance, which means players should be smart and practical in collecting and using them. 

The developers have done their best in keeping the game as realistic as possible.

The same goes for the respawning of resources. Resources like stone outcrops, corals, and metal salvage do not respawn.

What Resources Respawn?

Subnautica is a survival game and resources are limited. But not everything is gone once collected or used.

There are some resources that naturally restore and respawn themselves. This includes flora and fauna since plants and fish will naturally reproduce themselves.

So you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of fish and plants to use and eat.

In addition, you can also regrow these resources by yourself. There are a lot of other resources that naturally respawn and more can be reproduced with some effort.

It really is like a survival situation and that adds to the immersive experience of the game.

How to Reproduce Fish?

Just like in the real world, saunas and fauna can be reproduced in Subnautica.

In order to do this, the player must unlock the multipurpose room and alien containment tank.

In this room they can deposit eggs and let them hatch into fish. But that would take longer so it’s better to deposit fish instead.

Putting a male and female fish of the same species inside the alien containment tank would allow them to reproduce indefinitely.

The living fish inside would reproduce themselves quicker and they can even be put into depleted biomes to restore them. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of sushi.

How to Produce Plants?

You can also reproduce plants by farming as long as you have seeds.

All you have to do is knife the plants to obtain their seeds and plant them in the right place.

Of course scattering them all over the seabed would never lead to their growth. It takes a little more effort than that.

Land-based plants should be planted on the Indoor Grow Bed or Outdoor Grow Bed (surface) or the Alien Containment Tank; while water-based plants should be planted on the Outdoor Grow Bed (underwater). 

With these options you shouldn’t be worried about running out of food to harvest.

Can Corals Be Reproduced Too?

Most of the corals in the game cannot be reproduced.

But there is one kind of coral that can be planted, the Brain Coral.

You can reproduce it by obtaining a Brain Coral sample and putting it in the Alien Containment Tank or the Exterior Grow Bed (underwater).

Can You Actually Use Up All Resources in Subnautica?

The resources in Subnautica usually don’t grow back so they are indeed finite.

But with such a large world to explore and collect resources from, using up every bit of a resource can be very hard to do and is virtually impossible.


Now that you know a lot more about resources, you can be better in collecting, handling, and farming resources and giving you better chances of surviving.

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