Adopt Me: How Much is a Rainbow Wand Worth?

Adopt Me’s avid community of players and freeform play is the perfect Roblox Game recipe that gave the MMORPG over 27 billion plays as of January 2022.

Are you someone who freshly got into Adopt Me? Did you recently acquire a Rainbow Wand?

Do you have one stashed away and want to know what you could get for it?

Are you interested in getting one and want to know how much you should be paying for it?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, then you are at the right place.

This article will tell you how much a Rainbow Wand is worth in Adopt Me along with some tips and tricks for this wonderful Roblox game. So keep on reading!

How Much is a Rainbow Wand Worth?

A Rainbow Wand was priced at either 70, 199, or $499 depending on the size of the gift.

The Rainbow Wand is a limited Uncommon toy from an old gifts rotation. It is a long straight brown wang with a rainbow coming out of it.

If you turn the graphics to the highest setting, the rainbow will appear like a circle around the wand.

The Rainbow Wand is currently unavailable and cannot be obtained from Gifts anymore.

But the estimated value of the wand is the same as the Star Wand and the Witch’s Wand. It is a tad worth more than the Pizza Stroller and worth a little less than the King Bee.

The Rainbow Wand might go up in value in the future but that depends on the expansion of Adopt Me’s item and pet roster. So it’s up to you if you want to keep it.

How to Get a Rainbow Wand?

The rainbow wand can’t be bought in Gifts anymore.

But don’t worry, a lot of players have a Rainbow Wand and many of them want to trade it.

So if you are someone who wants a Rainbow Wand, you can look for other players to trade for it.

What Should I Trade For a Rainbow Wand?

Even though it is a limited item that can’t be bought anymore, the Rainbow Wand is just another trophy that serves no important use.

The rarity of this item is Uncommon, so you can give something of the same value. It depends on how much you want it and how much the owner likes it.

Some are lucky enough to get it in exchange for everyday items, but others had to give Legendaries for it.

But remember, the Rainbow Wand is not that special and is worth one legendary pet at most. Unless you badly want the wand, do not overpay for it.

Don’t trade away your precious items and pets from the get-go. Don’t make the mistake of trading your Queen Bee or Sabertooth for a Rainbow Wand.

But if you genuinely want it, you are not out of options.

What you can try is trading some Uncommon and Rare pets for it and you might get your hands on one.

Remember there are also other wands in Adopt Me which hold the same value like the Star Wand and the Witch’s Wand and you can acquire them easier.

Should I Sell My Rainbow Wand?

If you have a Rainbow Wand yourself, then it might be better to sell it when you have the chance.

The Rainbow Wand started out as an Uncommon Item with no particular use but it has slowly increased in value because it is now unobtainable in Gifts.

But we can’t see the Rainbow Wand increasing its value even further and it also depends if Adopt Me will make its item and pet roster bigger.

Even if that happens, there is a slim chance that anyone would want this toy. So if you have the chance to sell or trade your Rainbow Wand, we recommend doing so.

Want The Wand

So that is basically what a Rainbow Wand is worth. This limited item may be trash for others but treasure for some.

It all depends on how much you want the item yourself.

This article only serves as your guide and reference. Now you know everything about how much a Rainbow Wand is worth.