Can’t Change Eye Color in Sims 4? Implement These 6 Solutions!

Having issues changing the color of your Sims eyes? This guide will show you exactly how to fix that!

So, when you are choosing face shapes for your Sim, you can change many traits, the eye color included.

However, many gamers have reported that they are unable to change their eye color. Let us dive right in and found out what the problem is!

Solution 1: Default Replace Eyes option

This bug has been reported to do with the default replace eyes.

You should check you did not accidentally set your default eyes as “Not allowed for random“, because if you did, you will not be able to change the color of your Sims eyes.

Solution 2: Change Your Outfit

Players have reported that this weird solution has actually worked for them before.

If you frequently change between outfits in the customization (CAS) , it reverts your eyes back to the given ones that you chose yourself.

Keep trying it to see if it works for you as well.

Solution 3: Disable Any Mods or Custom Content

Mods sometimes create many errors in Sims 4 that you would not expect to occur.

This may be one of those times that the mod hinders you, so it is best that you remove the mod, otherwise you will not be able to change your eye color.

Try removing the mod/cc and see if it changes anything for you.

Solution 4: Use Cheats to Change It

Try using Ctrl + C + Shift and type in “testingcheats true” and then “cas.fulleditmode“.

This will give you the option to change every physical aspect of your Sim, including the eye color.

See this as a last resort, but it is definitely a viable option to take if you want to fix your Sims eye color.

Solution 5: Go Out And Back into Sim Creation

It may just be a visual bug, where the simple solution of leaving and rejoining the Sim creation screen fixes the problem.

This does mean that you will unfortunately have to create a new Sim, as you cannot save the Sim, otherwise the visual bug will be carried over into the main game and you will not be able to reverse it from there.

Solution 6: Restart Your Game

Also a simple solution. When in doubt, restart your game!

So many bugs have been fixed on my side just by restarting the game and this one is no different.

It may be annoying to do, but it is a simple solution for those who do not want to look too in-depth into the issue.

The bug (not solution 1 or 3) is not common, so you will hardly ever see it and when you do, it will not occur again for most of your time playing, so you do not have to worry about fixing the problem every single time you want to create a Sim.

Even if it does happen again, it is really simple and fast to fix, unlike many other Sims bugs out there.

We hope this guide helped you sort out any issues that you were facing, have fun gaming!