How Many Reports Does It Take to Get Banned on PlayStation Network? Find It Out!

Suspensions and bans can be extremely difficult to accept. Suspensions can be removed once a certain amount of time has passed, but bans cannot.

The decision to ban your PlayStation system cannot be undone after it has been made.

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You may wonder what it takes to get banned? 

It’s possible that you’ll just be reported once, or that you’ll be reported 20 times. After you’ve been reported, it’s up to PlayStation to determine how serious your violation was and if you should be banned.

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The majority of the time, you will not get banned the first time since they attempt to be fair.

What is Suspension on PS4?

You agree to follow the PlayStation Network Terms of Service, which include the Community Code of Conduct, when you register a PlayStation Network (PSN) account.

If you violate these conditions, your account may be temporarily suspended. They may disable your PlayStation console’s access to PlayStation Network.

Once PlayStation suspends your account or console, an error code will result when you try to sign in to PSN. They normally send you an email stating why your account has been suspended and how long it will last. 

When suspended, you won’t be able to use PlayStation Network. Meaning you won’t be able to utilize some products or services, even if you paid for them.

What is Ban on PS4?

The same rules of suspension are applied on a ban, the only difference is that when you get banned it is permanent.

Sometimes, a 7 days suspension of your account is a warning that you have violated their Community Code of Conduct, and you must be careful. Mainly because the next time you will be banned permanently.

If you are reported once and the violation is significant, you may be banned from the PSN immediately.

However and in most cases, you’ll need to be reported at least a few times before Sony takes action.

How to know If you were banned permanently? Simple. If you see the error code WS-37338-4 then I’m afraid I have bad news for you: Your console has been banned from the network entirely.

What do you do If you get suspended or banned by mistake?

Mistakes happen. If you’ve been suspended or banned and don’t think you did anything wrong, you may contact Playstation and have the report checked for accuracy.

The Playstation support representatives will examine to determine if the initial report was correct or not.

If the user is found to be innocent, the ban or suspension is usually lifted immediately. However, if the same offense is done again, the user will receive a lifetime ban.

Is it possible to lift a specific ban or suspension?

You should be aware that bans and suspensions are not implemented without the approval of some staff members. 

To put it another way, suspensions and bans are permanent and hence cannot be removed.

It can only be questioned if you were discovered to have an account payment issue, in which case the suspension is lifted as soon as the debt is settled by paying off the remaining sum.

You may argue the decision, but it’s unlikely that your suspension or ban will be lifted if you actually did what another user reported you for.