Sims 4: Sim Won’t Sleep [Easy Fixes]

Having problems sleeping? Look no further, for this guide will show you what you might be missing in order to get a good nights rest!

It is important for your Sim to get enough sleep so that it can enjoy high energy levels and be healthy, but many players state that they have problems keeping their Sims asleep during the night.

So lets look at ways to fix this problem.

1. Replace the Bed

You can try deleting and replacing the bed or delete the bed, restart the game and then replace it and it should fix the problem.

2. Turn off all light sources

Make sure all light sources are turned off in the area, especially lamps, computer monitors, etc. Treat the game as if it was real life, you would not like sleeping with a bright light shining on you either!

3. Change the clothing that your Sim sleeps in

Quit and go to the main menu, then select a new sleeping outfit for your Sim to use. Load back into your game and try sleeping again, take note if it works this time or not.

4. Turn off audio devices

Make sure that your TV or radio are not on, because if they are still playing audio/switched on in the background, your Sim will not sleep. They can only be left on if they are in a distant room on the other side of the house. To be as safe as possible, make sure that anything that can make noise is removed (speakers, etc.)

5. Make sure that your pet doesn’t disturb your Sim

Your pet, whether it is a cat or a dog, can infact keep your Sim from sleeping. If your pet is barking/meowing, it can wake your Sim. If this does occur, you can click on the pet that woke you up and choose the “Scold” or “Lecture for waking up” options and should resolve the problem.

6. Move your Sim out and back in

If you go to “Manage Worlds”, you can move your Sim out of their house and then move them back into the same one. Players have reported that this fixed their issue.

7. Remove any mods

Mods are notorious for creating unexpected game errors, so this may also be the reason for your Sim not being able to sleep even though you have done all these methods. Try removing the mods that you have installed if you have any and test whether your Sim can now sleep or not.

8. Your Sim must get along with their partner

If your Sim and their partner had an argument previous to them wanting to sleep or their relationship is degrading, your Sim will not be able to sleep.

Some Helpful Tips to Help Your Sim Sleep

  • Do not use energizing potions or energy drinks as they will give your Sim a massive energy boost which will force your Sim to stay active.
  • Do not use moodlet solvers as they work the same as the energizing potions and will keep your Sim awake.

We hope that this guide helped you sort out any issues, enjoy gaming!