Sims 4 Angelfish: What It Is, How To Catch It & Where To Find It?

If you are having a tough time trying to catch an Angelfish or are just wondering what they are good for, this guide is for you.

We will discuss what an Angelfish is, what is needed to catch it, where to find it and recipes that include it.

What is an Angelfish?

The Angelfish as seen above is an uncommon, small, fresh water fish with a distinct blue coloration and a large dorsal fin and a lower anal fin.

These fish will usually not provide much money if you are wanting to sell it (prices are normally around $14-$20). They also have a relatively low fertilizer strength.

What Do You Need to Catch It?

The best bait that you can use in order to catch Angelfish are bass and frogs.

The frogs can be caught at Willows Creek within the ponds and the bass can be caught in most fishing spots, so the bait is relatively easy to acquire.

Just make sure to catch enough of each so that you do not have to worry about running out of bait while you are fishing, because it will take a while to require the bait again.

Where to Find It?

The Angelfish can be located in 45 locations, if you own all the DLC pack worlds.

The most popular area to catch them is at Willows Creek.

You can find it if you look behind the Willow Creek library where you will see some sort of peninsula, look at the fishing spot on the very end and then go back one spot.

You should be facing a lighthouse a little bit to the left if you are facing the spot head on.

Other Notable Locations Include:

  • The Forgotten Grotto ( 2 fighing spots )
  • Oasis Springs ( all fishing spots EXCEPT for the park ), San Myshuno-Center Park ( all spots )
  • all the fishing spots in Newcrest, Forgotten Hollow, Brindleton Bay and Sulani have angelfish

Places where there are NO angelfish include Glimmerbrook, Granite Falls, Sylvan Glade, Selvadorada and Sixam.

Definitely do not visit these areas if you want to catch angelfish, as you will not find any at all.

What Recipes Can You Use Them In?

The recipe that you can make with angelfish is known as “Ambrosia”, which is a very powerful meal.

It can reverse aging in Sims and can even bring Ghost Sims back to life, almost the same as the “Resurrect-O-Nomitron” did.

However, this meal is very hard to prepare as the ingredients are very hard to obtain, your skills in cooking must be high and you must purchase the expensive recipe book.

What You Will Need:

  • Gourmet Cooking               10
  • Homestyle Cooking            10
  • Fishing                                 1-10 (luck based)
  • Gardening                             5
  • Angelfish
  • Death Flower
  • Potion of Youth

Effects on Normal Sims

Restores hunger to full, gives the Sim the Divine Meal moodlet, resets Sim’s age to start of that life stage.

A lot of your time will be spent grinding levels and Satisfaction points in order to obtain these ingredients, but when you get it, it will definitely be worth it if you are afraid of dying or have lost a special Sim that you want back.

Things To Remember

Fishing is completely RNG (Random Number Generator) based, meaning that it will never be consistent and you will get different outcomes almost every single time.

See it as if it was real life, you will have to have patience and put in the time to get what you want, it will not come instantly.