Stronghold Games Ranked From Worst to Best

A real-time strategy game taking place in a historical setting, Stronghold focuses on military conquests with elements of infrastructure and economic development. Campaigns focus on these elements and are at the player’s discretion. The first game in the series takes place around 1066 in medieval Britain and there is no time limit on the scenarios … Read more

100 Best Free Games to Play on the Internet Right Now

100 best free games on the internet

So, you want to play games on your PC, but don’t want to spend a penny on the game itself. Well, don’t worry- you have come to just the right place. And no, we aren’t talking about pirated games, we would never endorse such practices, and believe that developers/ publishers must be suitably rewarded for … Read more

SNES Golf Games Ranked From Worst to Best

While the game of golf is considered a rich man’s sport and with good reason, numerous games have been released on multiple consoles. Taking into account all the money that must be spent before one even sets foot on a golf course is a frightening prospect indeed. Fortunately, video games have evolved sufficiently where at … Read more

PS2 Gundam Games Ranked From Worst to Best

A mecha-oriented franchise that has spawned over 80 video games since its release in 1979, Gundam has solidified the image of giant robot battles in the imagination of society. The game already had a cult following in Japan and when it reached western shores, there were very few who weren’t won over. Gundam has successfully … Read more

Lost In Blue Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Survival games are quite rare nowadays, of course I am not including the Resident Evil series which dominates the survival-horror sub-genre, but back in 1999 Konami released a game called Survival Kids, where the player has to survive on an island with nothing but their wits. At that point it was something quite refreshing, when … Read more

Sly Cooper Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Considering the sheer number of platformers released over the last two decades, Sly Cooper sets itself apart with its unique art style, story and gameplay elements. Although it had a younger target audience, the game’s darker elements brought a refreshing change of pace to an oversaturated market dealing in sunshine and rainbows. This made it … Read more

Disgaea Games Ranked From Worst to Best

Disgaea sets itself apart as a turn-based role-playing video game series by allowing a maximum level of 9999, the standard is usually 99, and complex gameplay mechanics. The endearing chibi-style visuals have also improved over the years as the successive sequels were released. Recommended Readings: Fable Games Ranked From Worst to Best PS2 Gundam Games … Read more

How Can I See What Someone Has Searched Using My Hotspot Connection?

hotspot touchscreen operated by a businessman

So, your roommate shares a Wi-Fi connection with you and you’ve been noticing that lately your connection’s download limit is getting maxed out. However, you haven’t been doing a whole lot of downloading. And when you ask your roommate they don’t admit to doing anything other than some web browsing and YouTube. Well, unless there’s … Read more

How To Unlock A Stolen MacBook Pro?

a person using MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro laptops are some of the most premium mobile devices in existence and they represent Apple’s best. As a result, they are extremely sought after, both in the legal as well as the illegal market. You might want to know how to unlock a stolen MacBook Ps of laptop design. MacBooks are expensive, but … Read more

How To Toggle Between Laptop Screen And Monitor?

laptop screen and a monitor

Most laptops come with some form of dedicated display output port, usually a Type A HDMI. At the very least, it should be HDMI 1.4 even if your laptop is ancient. Modern laptops have HDMI 2.0 ports. This allows you to power an external display, like a monitor or TV with your laptop. Your laptop … Read more

How To Connect Two Projectors To One Laptop?

projector connected to laptop

Sometimes, just one projector isn’t enough. Maybe you’re planning to deliver a presentation that uses two separate screens on either side of the room. Or perhaps you just want to create one giant display by merging two projections on a single screen. Either way, you must know how to run two projectors from just one … Read more

Is It Bad To Close A Laptop Without Shutting It Down?

a lady closing her laptop's lid

You just purchased your first laptop, and you have a bunch of stuff planned ahead. Games, movies, documents, work, studies- your laptop is a portable computer that you can take anywhere with you. It has its own built-in display and keyboard along with a trackpad so you can do everything you do on a desktop. … Read more

Can My Laptop Output 4K Signal?

4K Ultra HD logo

Let’s clear out some misconceptions- your laptop doesn’t need to have a 4k screen in order to output 4k. The screen of your laptop may be 768p or 1080p, but the display adapter or graphics card is capable of outputting much higher resolutions. Even low-end graphics cards from nearly a decade ago can output in … Read more

How To Play Xbox On Laptop?

picture of a Xbox gaming console

The Xbox Series X has a ton of raw muscle thanks to its new 7nm AMD APU which packs 8 Zen 2 CPU cores alongside a 52CU RDNA 2 GPU. On top of that, it has a really fast custom SSD system for blazing fast loading times and quick resume. However, finding this console in … Read more

How To Use Laptop As Monitor For PS4?

someone playing PS4 on his/her laptop

As a gamer, it’s impossible to stay away from the hype surrounding the new generation of consoles (PS5 and Series X). Their brand new processors are at least 4 times faster than previous-gen hardware. On top of that, they have really fast solid-state storage and raytracing capabilities. However, with limited stocks and a lack of … Read more