7 Games Like Heavy Rain – A Cinematic Video Game

Heavy Rain is a game the focuses more on its narrative and “restricts” gameplay around it. It was developed by Quantic Dream and released in 2010 for the PS3. If you’ve played the game, it won’t surprise you that the script was 2,000 pages long. The game is played in a third-person view as the … Read more

Games Like Risk of Rain 2 – A Co-op Rogue-lite

It’s unlikely that Risk of Rain went under any roguelike fan’s radar. It was developed by Hopoo Games and released in 2013 to great praise. To briefly summarize, Risk of Rain was a co-op 2D platformer that featured Metroidvania like level design and roguelike gameplay. The game drops the players on an alien planet full … Read more

7 Highly Recommended Games Like Prison Architect – A Colony Management Sim

Prison Architect is one of the happier stories to come out of crowdfunding for video games. The game’s pre-alpha build was made available in 2012 and saw its final release in 2015. In 2019, Paradox Interactive acquired the publishing rights for Prison Architect. Prison Architect plays in a 2-D top-down view, giving the player the … Read more

7 Games Like Pillars Of Eternity – An Isometric RPG

With releases such as Fallout: New Vegas and KOTOR II, there’s little doubt that Obsidian Entertainment has a strong understanding of RPG as a genre. In 2012 the company launched a Kickstarter for the spiritual successor to the Icewind Dale series; they called it Pillars of Eternity. The Kickstarter managed to raise over 4 million … Read more

7 Games Like Nancy Drew – A Point-and-click Mystery Adventure

Everyone’s heard of Nancy Drew, a fictional character created by Edward Stratemeyer in 1930. He initially published the detective’s stories as a counterpart to his popular among the boys’ novel “Hardy Boys”, which took off from there. Both Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew are now ghostwritten, becoming favourites of teenagers for generations to come. Related … Read more

7 Excellent Games Like Wizard101 – An MMORPG

Wizard101, released in 2008, is your standard MMORPG affair in a fantasy setting. It’s, for the most part, a pretty bare-bones experience. But it has to be noted that the game has seen regular updates and balance changes for over 12 years. There are newer questlines introduced and graphical updates, so the game doesn’t look … Read more

7 Games Like Bioshock – An FPS Action Adventure

For the longest time, I always believed that System Shock was a game like Bioshock. But, of course, I was far from right, Bioshock didn’t feature any need for stealth, and the RPG elements were very pseudo with a linear path that the players must take to finish the game. There are choices along the … Read more

10 Games Like Squad – A FPS Military Sim

After the success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, many developers shifted their focus from the World War setting to a more realistic and contemporary one. Squad is one such game; it pits two teams against each other on huge maps (up to 16 X 16 km) to achieve various objectives (King of the hill, … Read more

Puyo Puyo: A Competitive Game of a Distinct Kind

1991 was a different time for video games; Sony hadn’t made the PlayStation yet. The most popular home consoles were the Sega’s Genesis and Nintendo’s SNES.  The era of 16-bit gaming was afoot, with games like Street Fighter II and Super Volley taking center stage as the most popular games of the time, at least … Read more

10 Games Like Northgard – A RTS Game

The roots of the RTS genre can be traced back to 1981, and with refinements and evolution of technology, we now have Northgard. Northgard is rooted in the Norse Viking mythology, where you command one of the three clans and its people to a new unexplored and harsh world. The player must start with building … Read more

7 Games Like Elsword – A 2D Sidescroller RPG

Elsword is a unique take on the MMORPG genre, considering that it’s 2-D. This free to play title was released in 2007 by KOG; however, there’s no meteoric rise to talk about; the player base is small but loyal.  There are plenty of games like Elsword. However, none have made decisions so detrimental to their … Read more

15 Games Like Golden Sun – An Old School JRPG

Before Nintendo DS and PSP were a thing, players used to rely on the good old GBA for their portable entertainment, most will remember the GBA for the Pokemon or Final Fantasy titles as that was what the console did best (in my opinion). Golden Sun is a lesser-known title for the GBA, developed by … Read more

15 Identical Video Games like Nier: Automata

Nier: Automata is an Action RPG, Hack and slash game with an anime art style with an excellent soundtrack and atmosphere. Set in a dystopian world, you play as an android battling it out with other machines, but the story is much deeper than that.  While Nier can get repetitive in terms of its gameplay … Read more